Thursday, June 7, 2012

Smart Glass, New Innovations Microsoft for Xbox 360

Before the veil that enveloped Smart Glass has finally been opened by Microsoft. This is not a gadget but a platform that can connect the Xbox 360 with a tablet PC, a smartphone to the television.

The format of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in 2012 which took place in Los Angeles, U.S., Microsoft is showing off Smart Glass for the first time.

Presented in the demo, it appears that Smart Glass Xbox 360 be able to make it more interactive with a variety of devices. For example, the film can deliver content quickly from tablet PC to a TV that is connected to the Xbox 360.

On another occasion, the tablet PC can also be used as a secondary controller while playing American football game Madden NFL. Looks so interactive and definitely makes me curious.

Although Smart Glass is a product made by Microsoft, but that does not mean these apps are available only for Windows 8. For the Washington Post reported, he also will be present for IOS and Android devices.

The phone can also be used as a tool of Xbox controllers. It is clear that Microsoft wanted to make the Xbox 360 into a full entertainment in the living room. Yes, the way to 'marry' smartphone, tablet, and TV.

Microsoft made ​​another breakthrough that is going to immediately bring the Internet Explorer browser to the Xbox. In the demo is done, Microsoft officials who were on stage too many times to use voice commands to navigate the Xbox 360 is used.

"With the Xbox 360 will make regular TV at home to Smart TV," he concluded.

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