Sunday, June 3, 2012

DDoS attacks threaten Mobile Cloud

Trends in cloud services that will go into mobile devices can not be disputed anymore. However, high up behind the mobile cloud to be one machine revenue for the business, there is another threat which also haunted, the network security issues.

"Traffic Data in Indonesia increasingly higher as more and more internet users. However, there is danger. Indonesia is the number two position in the DDoS attack," said IT Manager Synergy Doddy Dewayanto Primaasset gift, through a written statement on Saturday (2/6 / 2012).

DDoS attacks or Distributed Denial of Service typically uses a lot of engine variants. Well, when a system is attacked we do not know which came under attack because of traffic is considered normal. Usually the attack is the network and wasting bandwidth.

According to Doddy, guarantee the absolute security of the world of cloud is necessary for business continuity. Security responsibilities include client side and server side.

Guarantee security on the client side is intended for the comfort and certainty in trading activities. While security on the server is intended to maintain continuity of client business and client data protection from adverse conditions, both physical and non-physical.

While in terms of protection for client business continuity, it is necessary for an integrated security system solutions providers for the management of network security cloud computing clouds.

"The system CQCloud the Medusa of our partners is the Next Generation SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) which is an integrated security platform for cloud providers," said Doddy.

"The platform supports network monitoring functions through the data stream, the function of DDoS detection and mitigation, management functions and security event analysis and reporting functions in one unified system," he explained further.

Doddy also claims, Medusa not only protects from DDoS attacks, but also provide convenience for the management and security event analysis of a wide range of appliances such as firewalls, IPS and IDS. Thus providing total visibility of network conditions.

"Solution of the Medusa CQCloud provide availability, stability, and reliability to partners and customers in the continuity of its business," he concluded.

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