Sunday, June 3, 2012

LG Optimus L3, Android Luxury Design at Low Prices

Android smartphone more affordable prices. The vendors are starting to spend a lot of lower-priced Android phones, LG is no exception. South Korean manufacturer is presenting its latest low-cost Android handset, Optimus L3. Like what?

L3 design looks quite pretty. Maybe it felt looked more expensive than the actual price. The shape is a rectangle with the corners of the firm.

Body was made entirely of plastic. But not cheap impression. There are metal accents around the body. And the textured back for easy grip.

Various buttons and ports scattered around the body of L3. As the volume, on-off button, headset jack and microUSB port. But do not look the camera button.

With its small body, L3 operated quite comfortably with one hand. Overall, the body is quite stylish and cheap mobile phones are not impressive.

Pickup screen

L3 arguably mini mobile phone with 3.2 inch screen size. Low prices also affected the quality of the screen. With a resolution of 240x320 pixels, the image is quite rough.

So users can not expect much would a brilliant display as the phone is more expensive. Especially in the sun, the screen less noticeable.

Watch videos or access the website is also less convenient. But if it is used may not be a problem.

Gingerbread Android handset into the operating system. Customizable user interface with Optimus 2.0 Lite, there are five homescreen.

As usual, the user can install or remove the widgets that you want in all of the screen. Also provided some useful shortcuts in the notification area, such as Wi Fi and Bluetooth.

That is quite a problem is through a full qwerty keyboard typing may not go smoothly. For smaller screen sizes automatically makes letters small. So any potential users press when typing.

Good performance

Equipped with a 800 MHz processor, L3 decent performance. Displacement between the homescreen or accessing applications running smoothly enough, though certainly not as good as high end phone class.

Play games on this phone is also arguably going well. Popular game Angry Birds, for example, can be played smoothly.

Internet access is also faster with HSDPA 3G connectivity and it support Adobe Flash Player. Just because the screen is low resolution, do not expect to be too uncomfortable to read web pages.

Resolution of 3 megapixel cameras become a mainstay of L3 to take pictures. There is no flash so it is less potent in the target object in the dark. Nor does it seem physical buttons for a slingshot.


In appearance, this handset looks pretty fancy if you look only at the price range of USD 1.2 million. Indeed, users have to compromise with a lot of features tailored to the cheap price tag. However, overall performance was not bad enough qualified processors are supported.

- Screen is less clear
- Camera less than the maximum

- Design fine
- Performance is quite fast

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