Monday, June 4, 2012

Opera Mini 7 Promises "Bandwidth" More Efficient

Opera updating Mini Opera browser which has now reached version 7, for phones Java-based, feature phones, and BlackBerry.

Opera Mini version 7 is claimed to be suitable for mobile users who want to cut corners in bandwidth usage.

To save bandwidth, while being open site Facebook or Twitter, this browser does not update in real-time to display the newsfeed / current timeline.

Users must click the "reload" the appears, to appear in the status or new chirp timeline. So, new bandwidth tersedot when needed only.

In addition, the excellent features of Opera Mini is a Smart Page 7. Smart Page is a shortcut to access your favorite web sites that have previously been opened, and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Opera Mini 7 also supports automatic upgrades and the ability to close the tab with one click on touch screen phones. Opera also promises a more stable performance in the Opera Mini 7.

Opera Mini 7 can be downloaded for free at: The browser can also be used for the Android-based devices and IOS.

Although overshadowed Opera in the PC segment, but the Opera Mini browser is still so superior in the realm of third-party phones. Because Opera Mini data compression capabilities that have well-known bandwidth-efficient, which means the pulse is also economical.

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