Monday, June 4, 2012

Signal Detection and amplifier applications for Android phones

Any sophisticated your Android smartphone, it will seem worth it if your Wi-Fi or cellular data network is weak.

To find a signal, no running here and there and some are to lift the smartphone, in order to get the best network. Slow connection does make some people frustrated.

For Android smartphone users, there are some applications that help detect and push for your device to get a better network.

All applications under is free, and can be downloaded on Google's online application store Play. You can just click the link contained within each application name.

1. Network Speed ​​Signal Booster
This application is pushed to your smartphone's cellular network signal gets a better way to launch the phone and text message activity. In addition, Network Speed ​​Signal Booster is also encouraging that the data access speed internet connection faster.

2. Network Booster Free
Just like the Fresh Network Booster, Booster Free Network application will provide better cellular signal.

Both applications on top of the best cellular network connects to the BTS towers that are around you.

3. Easy Connect WiFi Booster
For those of you who frequently use the Wi-Fi in offices or public places, WiFi Booster Easy Connect will help strengthen Wi-Fi signal that means it will increase data speeds for internet.

This application is relatively mild, so it does not take up much memory space smartphones.

4. OpenSignalMaps
After discussing the application is able to push Android smartphones get more powerful mobile networks, this will be discussed on application to track the location of the best signal.
One is OpenSignalMaps, which can be downloaded for free on Google's Play. This application will show arrows, maps and radar, the location of the nearest BTS tower around you. Yes, this application is able to track the whereabouts of its base stations.

You just walked up to the tower base stations, so no need to wander with no way to get a strong signal. In addition to cellular signals from the operator, the application is also able to detect Wi-Fi signal and tells the best location to get Wi-Fi.

5. Network Signal Info
Network Signal Info is also useful for those who want to get a cellular signal and best Wi-Fi. Sometimes, instructions as much as 5 signal strength bars on your smartphone that's not entirely true.

It gives guidance signal strength bar is more detail, namely a total of 14 bar. So, you really know where the best locations to get a cellular signal, and Wi-Fi.

6. WiFi Overview 360

This time is a special application that tracks the best location for the Wi-Fi. You can mengomptimalkan Wi-Fi connection from the information provided this application, including your name, signal strength, channel number, and encryption.

It gives a picture of all wireless networks and scope of operations. This function helps you determine the best Wi-Fi is all around.

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