Thursday, June 7, 2012

Great potential of Mobile Augmented Reality

Today, the use of augmented reality technology on mobile devices (mobile phones and tablets) is still quite minimal.

In fact, this technology has great potential to enrich telecommunications to become more effective. Because the current mobile devices is one of the technologies that are closest to us.

Currently, almost all people have and actively use mobile devices. Augmented reality can create a unique means of communication and interakrif.

One of the works is a mobile augmented reality application Virtual City Guide have been developed by the AR & Co. in mid-2011. This application helps users to find and get information about a store or outlet through live tracking.

Live tracking purpose here is, by directing a cell phone camera to the store or stores that want to know the information, mobile augmented reality applications can directly provide information of objects that are designated on the site.

The use of mobile augmented reality application is using the internet (online) and do not use the internet (offline).

Excess applications using the internet (online) is likely to continually update existing data so that the flow of information received is more precise and faster. The disadvantage is the speed of internet connection.

Weaknesses of the application that uses the Internet (online) to the excess of the applications that do not use the internet (offline). Weaknesses of the applications do not use the internet (offline) is the first application must be downloaded and information submitted online is not as fast, because it does not directly update.

The difference with other applications such as GPS is, the application of Virtual City Guide uses direct access by the user (real time).

When the user directs the camera to the store / stand, as it also emerged a number of options accessible information about the store / stand it. The information can be obtained through this application can take the form of text, video, 3D animation, and games.

In addition to be accessible in real-time, another advantage of mobile augmented reality is a lighter application because the application size is much smaller than the application of augmented reality on a computer or laptop.

However, the use of mobile applications augmnented reality still depends on the processor device. Some mobile devices that can access mobile augmented reality applications is the iPhone, iPad 2, and Android.

On 15-16 June 2012 will be held ARTX 2012 (Augmented Reality and Technology Xperience) is the first augmented reality event in Asia. This event akan take place in Campus Anggrek, Universitas Bina Nusantara.

At this event there will be exhibitions and seminars that will demonstrate and explain in a direct example of mobile augmented reality.

Mobile augmented reality still has many areas of development, come and see the latest developments in augmented reality ARTX 2012.

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