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Logitech Mini Boombox, Can Music Can Phone

Logitech has come up with a portable speaker Mini Boombox in Indonesia in May 2012. These speakers are designed for you who love listening to music anywhere, anytime.

Logitech Mini Boombox promises to be "friends who fit" for your daily nememani enjoy the music, because it is wireless (wireless) and only connect via Bluetooth.

Is the Mini Boombox can really be "friends right?" Consider the following KompasTekno review.


As a portable device, the size and weight are considered important because the Mini Boombox will always be in the bag to accompany your activities. He weighs only 219 grams with a shape that fits in the palm of the hand, enough to carry everywhere.

Your confidence will not be lost when removing the Mini Boombox in a public place because of these portable speakers have a sweet premium design and compact form. Each edge of the Mini Boombox made curved, so it looks flexible.

The front speakers are made of stainless material, with perforated-hole pattern and there is a Logitech logo on it. The rear there is a gap large enough to vent out the bass sound elements.

The top is made of glossy materials. This section is prone to rubbing his hands and scratches. While at the bottom transverse to shore up the speakers so that the rubber does not shift.

Control and connectivity

Mini Boombox all control buttons located on the top. There are touch buttons Back, Play, Forward, small volume and large control buttons for Bluetooth pairing Bluetooth and phone pictorial symbols.

While connectivity is on the back. There is a lever of power, the Mini USB port and Aux port. In addition, the Mini Boombox also provides internal microphone on the top left.


Mini Boombox is priced at Rp 910 thousand can be connected to all mobile devices equipped with Bluetooth connection, such as tablets, mobile phones and digital music player iPod Touch range.

To start using the Mini Boombox, you must press the Bluetooth touch until he wheezes, and scanning devices.

Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device. Once the Mini Boombox Bluetooth networks detected by your device, right click on it to do the pairing.

If the warning appears to enter a password, simply enter 0000 (four times zero). Now you just play your favorite songs.

"Awesome!" That's the impression when he first heard the sound quality Mini Boombox. For portable devices, the sound is quite satisfactory as it can bring the voices of the detail.

Bass elements is also quite pronounced. However, for those music lovers who have a principle: "Bass is everything," may be less satisfied with the bass elements of the Mini Boombox issued. This is understandable because the Mini Boombox is a portable device.

Overall, the Mini Boombox produces a rounded character or middle voice. He lacks the character produces a wide sound.

Mini Boombox does not have the knobs to adjust the equalizer or sound character. The only way to set the character of the sound you want, is through the tablet, mobile phone or your digital music player.

Mini Boombox Bluetooth connections reach up to 10 meters. On top of that range, then the song would sound dashed.

Controls for play or pause songs to draw the lower the volume, can be done from the Mini Boombox or from the mobile device you use.

Boombox Mini Battery life last up to 10 hours. While to charge the battery, it took about 2 hours with a drove to the computer using a cable Mini USB to USB connector.

Unfortunately, the package is not accompanied by Mini Boombox tool battery charger is plugged into the mains (charger).

When the Logitech logo on the front of the blue, it indicates the battery is still full. The red color indicates the batteries are weak, whereas when the flashing red, it means the battery will soon run out.

When the Mini Boombox connected to the phone, then all the sounds of activity using a cell phone can be heard on the Mini Boombox. As she heard the music, then there is an incoming SMS to your mobile phone, the music pauses for incoming SMS ring tones, then the music will play back automatically.

When making a call out or receive calls when the phone is connected to the Mini Boombox, voice conversations you'll get out of this portable speaker. You can also talk via the internal microphone on the Mini Boombox.

Likewise when you play the game of the tablet, mobile phone or iPod Touch, and the theme song from the game's distinctive voice can be heard from the Mini Boombox.


+ Lightweight and practical
+ Sleek and flexible design
+ Long battery life
+ The sound produced satisfactory
+ Can be used for phone calls
+ Wide range of bluetooth, up to 10 meters


- The voice is too middle
- More expensive price, Rp 900 thousand
- We do not purchase equipment with a battery charger plugged into the mains (charger).

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