Sunday, June 3, 2012

Acer Launches Aspire Slim Series

Acer introduces three new laptop Aspire Slim series. Series notebooks have a notebook Acer claimed that 60 percent thinner than a standard notebook. Slim Aspire series was also reinforced by the Ivy Bridge technology, the third generation of Intel processors.

Thin notebook series for middle and lower segments of the Slim Aspire V5. The series was launched to reach out to students and student segments. This is called Acer Laptop 30 percent thinner than a standard notebook, which is 23 mm.

Although thin, this Acer notebook complete with built-in DVD, as well as full connectivity. 14 inch screen size, the lightly dijinjing with only 2.3 kg weight.

While the two laptops and upper middle class is Slim Slim Aspire Aspire M5 and S5.

Slim Aspire M5 to reach segments of creative professionals who need the best graphics performance.

Slim Aspire M5 has a screen 14/15 inch, with a thickness of 20 mm and weighs 1.95 kg. For this series, Acer strengthened with GT640M Nvidia graphics card, so it can run graphics applications and games big fish. This series is also equipped with a built-in DVD Super-Multi, making it easy for creative workers to write their works.

While the Slim Aspire reach segment S5 to the needs of working executives. Aspire Slim S5 called 60 percent thinner than a standard notebook, which is 11 mm. Acer to complete this series with MagicFlip slot technology, connectivity, designed a 'hidden', and the Thunderbolt port which has been used MacBook Air.

"The new trend now is a thin product. But of course must remain powerful," said Jason Lim, President Director of Acer Indonesia, while launching this product in Jakarta, June 1, 2012.

Actually, Acer launched a series of seven models of the Slim Family are ready to be launched. But only three products that were introduced during a press conference the launch of the Slim Family.

"It will be available seven models of the Slim Family are ready to meet the needs of each consumer segment of students, young professionals, to top level executives," said Rico Gunawan, Head of Acer PC Acer Group Indonesia.

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