Thursday, June 7, 2012

Apple is Ready to sue Galaxy S III

Apple and Samsung relationship is often colored by the action required. Now, shortly after the birth of the Galaxy S III, Apple is ready to block the circulation of such products with a number of demands.

Yes, Apple does have a lot of patents are sometimes used to prosecute its competitors, such as Samsung and HTC, which had sued for violating a copyright.

Now, turn the Galaxy S III. The new phones launched last week in Indonesia is considered to mimic Apple has several technologies, including digital assistant named S Voice.

Another infringement by Apple is a matter of pressing the feature to pop up a few options in a number of applications, or commonly referred to as a data tapping.

For the record, these features are actually found in almost all Android phones. And Apple never used this excuse to sue HTC for some time.

As quoted from Android Community, Thursday (06/07/2012), this time Apple has filed a claim to legal institutions in California, United States. The goal is clear, to block the sale of Galaxy S III in the land of Uncle Sam.

Meanwhile, the Samsung also provide feedback when they are sure to confront the Apple lawsuit.
"Samsung believes it is inappropriate to demand Apple. We will fight the demand," Samsung said in a statement quoted by Reuters on Thursday (07/06/2012).

Samsung also ensure that the Apple lawsuit will not scuttle the sale of Galaxy S III in the United States that will still be conducted as planned, which is about the end of this June. In circulation in Uncle Sam's, Samsung took five local telecom operators.

"We also want to assure consumers that the launch and sales of Galaxy S III in the United States will be processed in accordance with the plan," said Samsung.

Samsung and Apple are very often involved in a bitter patent dispute. They fought in a number of countries with their respective lawsuits.

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