Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nintendo Wii U more superior from Xbox 360 and PlayStation

Nintendo Wii is expected to show back on the event U Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2012. Tebaru newspaper said, Nintendo will continue to use the name of the Wii game console U for this device.

Since it was first introduced in the 2011 E3 event last year, a lot of speculation stating 'Wii N' is the code name and will not really be used when the gadget is launched.

"After looking at Nintendo's marketing efforts so strongly, to use that name, it looks like Nintendo Wii will not change the name of U," the report quoted from Slash Gear, Tuesday (05/29/2012).

Nintendo recently launched a Facebook Fan Page for U Wii, which also simultaneously show the new logo for the console. Of course, Nintendo is not possible to do things like this if they plan to change its name in the coming weeks.

Ahead of his appearance, a growing number of rumors circulated about the Wii U. Previously reported tablet U Wii controller will experience some changes in design.

The annual E3 event to be held next month in Los Angeles, United States, could be fruitful for Nintendo sweet or otherwise - in terms of enticing users. As is known, Nintendo have a chance this year, but instead wasted and cause confusion among gamers.

This year, Nintendo is expected to 'play nice' and correct his mistakes. But of course, the company still had a great opportunity to shine given the competitors Microsoft and Sony has said it will not create a new console. This could be an opportunity for the Nintendo Wii to prove that U can be superior to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation.

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