Monday, June 4, 2012

Apple Wins Nano Standard SIM Card

Apple finally won the 'battle' to fight for nanoscale design standard SIM card. This design is claimed will provide more space for other components in the design of future mobile phones.

Smart Card Platform Technical Committee on the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has approved the designs Apple, after being tested and compared with the proposed design of Nokia, Research In Motion (RIM) and Motorola Mobility.

Nano-sized SIM card will be 40 percent smaller than the micro SIM card that is 12.3 mm x 8.8 mm x 0.67 mm. "The design of the SIM card has the same function as the existing SIM card now," said ETSI.

However, as reported by Tech World Sunday (06.03.2012), ETSI does not provide more details about the process of voting on the award of the design of the SIM card.

Earlier, while still in the process of fighting for his design of the SIM card nano, Apple has announced it will eliminate self-confident design patent is for anyone, if the proposal is accepted as standard in the technology industry.

SIM card nano, has a smaller size of the micro-SIM card. Using this design, the device can be smaller and slimmer.

Nokia: Apple Nano SIM Card Tuppenny

The debate over the design of nano SIM card after already winning design proposed by Apple by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

However, Nokia, Research In Motion (RIM) and Motorola Mobility who also filed a SIM card designs nano, Apple's not like the design. Nokia especially the most violent response to Apple's victory.

Nokia, as quoted by Venture Beat, Sunday (06/03/2012), openly showed that they were not enthusiastic about the decision of ETSI.

"Nokia is confident that the design proposals selected nano SIM card, cheap and technically unsuitable for some applications," said a spokesman for Nokia.

Nokia wanted a standard SIM card nano has a push-push mechanism, which memungkingkan SIM card is inserted or removed simply by pushing (pushed in).

While Apple, wanted the so-called design-based tray or drawer that is using some sort of 'drawer' to put the SIM card nano. Just like Nokia, RIM and Motorola also objected to the use of this drawer.

Previously, Nokia had also revealed the design of the reasons he advanced nano SIM card is much better than Apple. One of them, the design of the Nokia has a very different dimension to the existing micro-SIM card now.

"While Apple has a SIM card length and width similar to the micro SIM. It would be risky if the user put into the device, it could damage the SIM card and the product itself," Nokia said at the time.

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