Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lamborghini Releases Luxury Android Phone

Lamborghini, a luxury sports car manufacturer from Italy are now getting well into the smartphone market. They release a phone and tablet PC that uses the Android operating system.

Lamborghini handset TL700 has a 3.7 inch landscape display, Qualcomm processor, 5 megapixel camera, VGA front camera, and OS Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread. While the battery of 1400 mAh.

Although the specification appears normal, as well as the material is an exclusive design. Just look, material of manufacture of gold and crocodile leather. The designs show a typical aggressive supercar like the Lamborghini.

While the tablet Lamborghini L2800 also promised to use Android 2.3 can be upgraded to Android 4.0. Specifications such as resolution screen 9.7 inch 1.024x768 made ​​of sapphire crystal, Qualcomm processor, 512MB of Ramm and 5-megapixel camera.

As the mobile phone, tablet-style is also frightening Lamborghini design. Android phone is the price of USD 2750 or approximately USD 25.7 million. While the tablet priced $ 2286.

Lamborghini phone and tablet is expected to be sold the first time in Russia. Similarly, as reported by IntoMobile on Sunday (6/10/2012).

Saturday, June 9, 2012

HP TouchSmart 620 stretcher 3D capabilities and Beats Audio

A line of superior products showcased Hewlett-Packard (HP) on the sidelines of Indonesia Computer Festival (FKI) in 2012, one computer with a 3D display capability and Beats Audio style bass boom.

In addition to 'Printer Clouds' that allow remote printing, there are also PC HP TouchSmart 620 3D.

Corresponding 3D frill at the back, this tool is to facilitate users who wish to enjoy the experience of watching a movie with such technology. "It is the coolest PC, but there is also a 3D touch screen it. Why 3D? Because HP saw a lot of movies that are now taking tekologi 3D and 3D movie is more fun, more lively," said Jane Ritonga as Development Manager for Personal Systems Group HP Indonesia.

Presumably, PC all-in-one is suitable for users who want a bite of entertainment over these appliances. Not only be used for watching movies to 3D recording, 3D TouchSmart 620 is also equipped with Beats Audio, technology made famous rapper Dr. Dre is capable of producing the claimed equivalent sound studio.

Device that uses an Intel Core i5-2400 also have got a lot of interesting applications such as applications and application notes cookbook that can be used to make greeting cards by hand.

Ergonomic hand appliances also championed in this HP TouchSmart 620 where 3D can tilt to 60 degrees. To bring home PC, users seem to spend enough in because he is priced at Rp 15 million.

Exhibited also helped some of them are HP Notebook S-Series are stylish, HP Laser Jet Pro 200 color MFP and PC M275 HP Workstation powered by the latest processor and graphics technologies that could generate billions of colors.

FKI event itself will run until Sunday (5/10/2012) later. A variety of technology products and promo-promo draw to win lauched visitors coming in the area of ​​Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan, Jakarta.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Smart Glass, New Innovations Microsoft for Xbox 360

Before the veil that enveloped Smart Glass has finally been opened by Microsoft. This is not a gadget but a platform that can connect the Xbox 360 with a tablet PC, a smartphone to the television.

The format of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in 2012 which took place in Los Angeles, U.S., Microsoft is showing off Smart Glass for the first time.

Presented in the demo, it appears that Smart Glass Xbox 360 be able to make it more interactive with a variety of devices. For example, the film can deliver content quickly from tablet PC to a TV that is connected to the Xbox 360.

On another occasion, the tablet PC can also be used as a secondary controller while playing American football game Madden NFL. Looks so interactive and definitely makes me curious.

Although Smart Glass is a product made by Microsoft, but that does not mean these apps are available only for Windows 8. For the Washington Post reported, he also will be present for IOS and Android devices.

The phone can also be used as a tool of Xbox controllers. It is clear that Microsoft wanted to make the Xbox 360 into a full entertainment in the living room. Yes, the way to 'marry' smartphone, tablet, and TV.

Microsoft made ​​another breakthrough that is going to immediately bring the Internet Explorer browser to the Xbox. In the demo is done, Microsoft officials who were on stage too many times to use voice commands to navigate the Xbox 360 is used.

"With the Xbox 360 will make regular TV at home to Smart TV," he concluded.

Nintendo Wii U more superior from Xbox 360 and PlayStation

Nintendo Wii is expected to show back on the event U Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2012. Tebaru newspaper said, Nintendo will continue to use the name of the Wii game console U for this device.

Since it was first introduced in the 2011 E3 event last year, a lot of speculation stating 'Wii N' is the code name and will not really be used when the gadget is launched.

"After looking at Nintendo's marketing efforts so strongly, to use that name, it looks like Nintendo Wii will not change the name of U," the report quoted from Slash Gear, Tuesday (05/29/2012).

Nintendo recently launched a Facebook Fan Page for U Wii, which also simultaneously show the new logo for the console. Of course, Nintendo is not possible to do things like this if they plan to change its name in the coming weeks.

Ahead of his appearance, a growing number of rumors circulated about the Wii U. Previously reported tablet U Wii controller will experience some changes in design.

The annual E3 event to be held next month in Los Angeles, United States, could be fruitful for Nintendo sweet or otherwise - in terms of enticing users. As is known, Nintendo have a chance this year, but instead wasted and cause confusion among gamers.

This year, Nintendo is expected to 'play nice' and correct his mistakes. But of course, the company still had a great opportunity to shine given the competitors Microsoft and Sony has said it will not create a new console. This could be an opportunity for the Nintendo Wii to prove that U can be superior to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation.

Apple is Ready to sue Galaxy S III

Apple and Samsung relationship is often colored by the action required. Now, shortly after the birth of the Galaxy S III, Apple is ready to block the circulation of such products with a number of demands.

Yes, Apple does have a lot of patents are sometimes used to prosecute its competitors, such as Samsung and HTC, which had sued for violating a copyright.

Now, turn the Galaxy S III. The new phones launched last week in Indonesia is considered to mimic Apple has several technologies, including digital assistant named S Voice.

Another infringement by Apple is a matter of pressing the feature to pop up a few options in a number of applications, or commonly referred to as a data tapping.

For the record, these features are actually found in almost all Android phones. And Apple never used this excuse to sue HTC for some time.

As quoted from Android Community, Thursday (06/07/2012), this time Apple has filed a claim to legal institutions in California, United States. The goal is clear, to block the sale of Galaxy S III in the land of Uncle Sam.

Meanwhile, the Samsung also provide feedback when they are sure to confront the Apple lawsuit.
"Samsung believes it is inappropriate to demand Apple. We will fight the demand," Samsung said in a statement quoted by Reuters on Thursday (07/06/2012).

Samsung also ensure that the Apple lawsuit will not scuttle the sale of Galaxy S III in the United States that will still be conducted as planned, which is about the end of this June. In circulation in Uncle Sam's, Samsung took five local telecom operators.

"We also want to assure consumers that the launch and sales of Galaxy S III in the United States will be processed in accordance with the plan," said Samsung.

Samsung and Apple are very often involved in a bitter patent dispute. They fought in a number of countries with their respective lawsuits.

Great potential of Mobile Augmented Reality

Today, the use of augmented reality technology on mobile devices (mobile phones and tablets) is still quite minimal.

In fact, this technology has great potential to enrich telecommunications to become more effective. Because the current mobile devices is one of the technologies that are closest to us.

Currently, almost all people have and actively use mobile devices. Augmented reality can create a unique means of communication and interakrif.

One of the works is a mobile augmented reality application Virtual City Guide have been developed by the AR & Co. in mid-2011. This application helps users to find and get information about a store or outlet through live tracking.

Live tracking purpose here is, by directing a cell phone camera to the store or stores that want to know the information, mobile augmented reality applications can directly provide information of objects that are designated on the site.

The use of mobile augmented reality application is using the internet (online) and do not use the internet (offline).

Excess applications using the internet (online) is likely to continually update existing data so that the flow of information received is more precise and faster. The disadvantage is the speed of internet connection.

Weaknesses of the application that uses the Internet (online) to the excess of the applications that do not use the internet (offline). Weaknesses of the applications do not use the internet (offline) is the first application must be downloaded and information submitted online is not as fast, because it does not directly update.

The difference with other applications such as GPS is, the application of Virtual City Guide uses direct access by the user (real time).

When the user directs the camera to the store / stand, as it also emerged a number of options accessible information about the store / stand it. The information can be obtained through this application can take the form of text, video, 3D animation, and games.

In addition to be accessible in real-time, another advantage of mobile augmented reality is a lighter application because the application size is much smaller than the application of augmented reality on a computer or laptop.

However, the use of mobile applications augmnented reality still depends on the processor device. Some mobile devices that can access mobile augmented reality applications is the iPhone, iPad 2, and Android.

On 15-16 June 2012 will be held ARTX 2012 (Augmented Reality and Technology Xperience) is the first augmented reality event in Asia. This event akan take place in Campus Anggrek, Universitas Bina Nusantara.

At this event there will be exhibitions and seminars that will demonstrate and explain in a direct example of mobile augmented reality.

Mobile augmented reality still has many areas of development, come and see the latest developments in augmented reality ARTX 2012.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Defy XT and Defy Mini, New Waterproof Phone from Motorola

Motorola introduced a new smartphone that can be said as the next generation of the type of Defy. There are two types that trafficked, Defy Defy XT and Mini Dual SIM (GSM-GSM). Both also claimed waterproof, anti-scratch and anti-dust.

Corning Gorilla Glass touch screen and battery with a longer durability as well be another attraction of this phone. Defy Defy Mini carries XT and 1700 mAh battery powered so as to provide durability 9.5 and 9 hours of talk time.

Defy XT embedded 5-megapixel camera while the Defy Mini equipped with 3 megapixel camera. Both have a front VGA camera to connect with friends while you're surfing the internet or just relax at home.

Both are also equipped with MotoSwitch features, user interface that will learn your favorite songs, whom you call most often and the applications you use most often.

MotoSwitch cleverly collect and store all your references, which means the user will be very organized and you will have a lot of extra time on your hands.

Defy Defy Mini XT and was going to join the Defy +, which was first available in the market. Defy + itself is equipped with 3.7 inch touch screen, and also has the capability of waterproof, anti-scratch and anti-dust.

"Motorola Defy us become popular throughout Asia. Now we are expanding our portfolio of smartphones waterproof to provide more options without draining your wallet," said Robert van Tilburg, Senior Director of Regional Sales, South Asia, the Motorola Mobility.

Defy XT will be available starting June 15, 2012 with a recommended price of USD 2.888 million. While Defy Mini cost Rp 1.999 million.

Defy XT features:

Android 2.3 Gingerbread
115 x 58.5 x 11.95 mm
850/2100 UMTS, GSM 850/900/1800/1900; GPRS / EDGE Class 12
Capacitive touch screen and scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass FWVGA 3.7 "inches
5MP Auto Focus Camera with flash
VGA Camera Home
2Gb MicroSD
Anti Dust and waterproof, IP67 certification
WiFi 802.11 b / g / n, DLNA
2.0 User interface MotoSwitch
512MB of RAM
3.5 mm stereo jack
Battery 1700 mAh Talk Time up to 9.5 hours and standby time of up to 20 days
Video recorder: MPEG4, H.263, H.264, 30fps @ FWVGA
Video player: MPEG4, H.263, H.264, 30fps @ FWVGA
Bluetooth A2DP, AVRCP

Defy Mini features:

Android 2.3 Gingerbread
850/2100 UMTS, GSM 850/900/1800/1900; GPRS / EDGE Class 12
Capacitive touch screen and scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass HVGA 3.2 "inches
3MP camera with flash
VGA Camera Home
MicroSD 2GB (MicroSD support up to 32Gb)
Anti Dust and waterproof, IP67 certification
WiFi 802.11 b / g / n, DLNA
2.0 User interface MotoSwitch
600MHz processor
512MB of RAM
3.5 mm stereo jack
1700 mAh battery with up to 9 hours of Talk Time and Standby Time up to 11 days
Recorder / Player / Streaming MPEG4, H.263, H.264, 30fps @ HVGA
Bluetooth A2DP, AVRCP

Logitech Mini Boombox, Can Music Can Phone

Logitech has come up with a portable speaker Mini Boombox in Indonesia in May 2012. These speakers are designed for you who love listening to music anywhere, anytime.

Logitech Mini Boombox promises to be "friends who fit" for your daily nememani enjoy the music, because it is wireless (wireless) and only connect via Bluetooth.

Is the Mini Boombox can really be "friends right?" Consider the following KompasTekno review.


As a portable device, the size and weight are considered important because the Mini Boombox will always be in the bag to accompany your activities. He weighs only 219 grams with a shape that fits in the palm of the hand, enough to carry everywhere.

Your confidence will not be lost when removing the Mini Boombox in a public place because of these portable speakers have a sweet premium design and compact form. Each edge of the Mini Boombox made curved, so it looks flexible.

The front speakers are made of stainless material, with perforated-hole pattern and there is a Logitech logo on it. The rear there is a gap large enough to vent out the bass sound elements.

The top is made of glossy materials. This section is prone to rubbing his hands and scratches. While at the bottom transverse to shore up the speakers so that the rubber does not shift.

Control and connectivity

Mini Boombox all control buttons located on the top. There are touch buttons Back, Play, Forward, small volume and large control buttons for Bluetooth pairing Bluetooth and phone pictorial symbols.

While connectivity is on the back. There is a lever of power, the Mini USB port and Aux port. In addition, the Mini Boombox also provides internal microphone on the top left.


Mini Boombox is priced at Rp 910 thousand can be connected to all mobile devices equipped with Bluetooth connection, such as tablets, mobile phones and digital music player iPod Touch range.

To start using the Mini Boombox, you must press the Bluetooth touch until he wheezes, and scanning devices.

Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device. Once the Mini Boombox Bluetooth networks detected by your device, right click on it to do the pairing.

If the warning appears to enter a password, simply enter 0000 (four times zero). Now you just play your favorite songs.

"Awesome!" That's the impression when he first heard the sound quality Mini Boombox. For portable devices, the sound is quite satisfactory as it can bring the voices of the detail.

Bass elements is also quite pronounced. However, for those music lovers who have a principle: "Bass is everything," may be less satisfied with the bass elements of the Mini Boombox issued. This is understandable because the Mini Boombox is a portable device.

Overall, the Mini Boombox produces a rounded character or middle voice. He lacks the character produces a wide sound.

Mini Boombox does not have the knobs to adjust the equalizer or sound character. The only way to set the character of the sound you want, is through the tablet, mobile phone or your digital music player.

Mini Boombox Bluetooth connections reach up to 10 meters. On top of that range, then the song would sound dashed.

Controls for play or pause songs to draw the lower the volume, can be done from the Mini Boombox or from the mobile device you use.

Boombox Mini Battery life last up to 10 hours. While to charge the battery, it took about 2 hours with a drove to the computer using a cable Mini USB to USB connector.

Unfortunately, the package is not accompanied by Mini Boombox tool battery charger is plugged into the mains (charger).

When the Logitech logo on the front of the blue, it indicates the battery is still full. The red color indicates the batteries are weak, whereas when the flashing red, it means the battery will soon run out.

When the Mini Boombox connected to the phone, then all the sounds of activity using a cell phone can be heard on the Mini Boombox. As she heard the music, then there is an incoming SMS to your mobile phone, the music pauses for incoming SMS ring tones, then the music will play back automatically.

When making a call out or receive calls when the phone is connected to the Mini Boombox, voice conversations you'll get out of this portable speaker. You can also talk via the internal microphone on the Mini Boombox.

Likewise when you play the game of the tablet, mobile phone or iPod Touch, and the theme song from the game's distinctive voice can be heard from the Mini Boombox.


+ Lightweight and practical
+ Sleek and flexible design
+ Long battery life
+ The sound produced satisfactory
+ Can be used for phone calls
+ Wide range of bluetooth, up to 10 meters


- The voice is too middle
- More expensive price, Rp 900 thousand
- We do not purchase equipment with a battery charger plugged into the mains (charger).

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Utopia, New Episodes from Angry Birds Space

The latest episode has been present in the Angry Birds Space. The episode is called Utopia, as the producer Rovio game promises a more challenging game.

Utopia is described as a planet full of foods that are 'tasty' with 10 new levels complete with popcorn, pretzels, and candy, to feed the hungry green pigs.

The players can 'bounce' from the trampoline jelly or playing with popcorn. The new level is free, but as usual for the first new release is available for IOS devices.

Quoted from Cnet, Monday (04/06/2012), Rovio promised to immediately expand the availability of the Android and other platforms. Previously, Angry Birds Space introduces a new level in episode "Fry Me to the Moon '.

As if to continue to provoke the curiosity of the fans of Angry Birds, in this latest update Rovio already showing a teaser that gives families the presence of leaks The Simpsons. At this level is displayed donut diet craze Homer Simpsons.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Angry Birds more 'Expand Wings'

Angry Birds more 'expanded', explore the variety of products and build more parks to play Angry Birds park. Rovio, the company behind the success of Angry Birds is now also venturing into the world of Relevant Products / Services.

Brand 'birds go ballistic' was also established with the sponsorship of Formula 1, in cooperation with banks in Russia released the Angry Birds themed debit card, and next month there will be new Angry Birds Land, which opened in Tampere, Finland.

"All our products a success. Example Angry Birds which sells moon cakes in China during the autumn of last year's festival," said Ville Heijari as Vice President of Franchise Development at Rovio, quoted from the Sci-tech, Sunday (06/03/2012) .

Angry Birds is phenomenal. Since its release, more and more fans are crazy about the character of the birds in this game. Moreover, Rovio is also responsive to the enthusiasm of the fans of Angry Birds and continue to provide a refresher on the game.

Latest series of this game, Angry Birds recorded Space downloaded 50 million times in 35 days since the first release. Rovio itself now employs more than 350 multinational staff with two offices located in Finland, Shanghai and Stockholm.

Angry Cards: Debit Cards Angry Birds

Angry Birds made a variety of merchandise. Now, the developer behind the popular game is making a special debit card for the sport fans are angry birds.

With a credit card called Angry Cards, fans will be given a special discount when purchasing merchandise Angry Birds.

Promsvyazbank based in Moscow who would these new MasterCards issued in June next. The issuance of debit cards also have a special design of the pictorial characters that can be found at Angry Birds.

Reporting from HuffingtonPost, Wednesday (30/05/2012), the discount given to the fans is 10%. Angry Birds maker, Rovio itself Entertainment has released a variety of items such as picture of Angry Birds toys and baby clothes.

Debit card that was released in Russia it would be a financial product with the brand's first Angry Birds. Game itself is reaping success in the red bear country.

Reportedly, the downloading of games has reached more than 10 million times. Promsvyazbank plans to print 50 000 cards and will multiply it by the end of this year.

Signal Detection and amplifier applications for Android phones

Any sophisticated your Android smartphone, it will seem worth it if your Wi-Fi or cellular data network is weak.

To find a signal, no running here and there and some are to lift the smartphone, in order to get the best network. Slow connection does make some people frustrated.

For Android smartphone users, there are some applications that help detect and push for your device to get a better network.

All applications under is free, and can be downloaded on Google's online application store Play. You can just click the link contained within each application name.

1. Network Speed ​​Signal Booster
This application is pushed to your smartphone's cellular network signal gets a better way to launch the phone and text message activity. In addition, Network Speed ​​Signal Booster is also encouraging that the data access speed internet connection faster.

2. Network Booster Free
Just like the Fresh Network Booster, Booster Free Network application will provide better cellular signal.

Both applications on top of the best cellular network connects to the BTS towers that are around you.

3. Easy Connect WiFi Booster
For those of you who frequently use the Wi-Fi in offices or public places, WiFi Booster Easy Connect will help strengthen Wi-Fi signal that means it will increase data speeds for internet.

This application is relatively mild, so it does not take up much memory space smartphones.

4. OpenSignalMaps
After discussing the application is able to push Android smartphones get more powerful mobile networks, this will be discussed on application to track the location of the best signal.
One is OpenSignalMaps, which can be downloaded for free on Google's Play. This application will show arrows, maps and radar, the location of the nearest BTS tower around you. Yes, this application is able to track the whereabouts of its base stations.

You just walked up to the tower base stations, so no need to wander with no way to get a strong signal. In addition to cellular signals from the operator, the application is also able to detect Wi-Fi signal and tells the best location to get Wi-Fi.

5. Network Signal Info
Network Signal Info is also useful for those who want to get a cellular signal and best Wi-Fi. Sometimes, instructions as much as 5 signal strength bars on your smartphone that's not entirely true.

It gives guidance signal strength bar is more detail, namely a total of 14 bar. So, you really know where the best locations to get a cellular signal, and Wi-Fi.

6. WiFi Overview 360

This time is a special application that tracks the best location for the Wi-Fi. You can mengomptimalkan Wi-Fi connection from the information provided this application, including your name, signal strength, channel number, and encryption.

It gives a picture of all wireless networks and scope of operations. This function helps you determine the best Wi-Fi is all around.

Galaxy S III and iPhone 4S Use the Same Camera Sensor

Although always competitive, Apple and Samsung was "compact" using the same components for mobile products at their best.

Chipworks, a specialist firm patent analysis of semiconductors and electronic systems, find the 8 MP camera sensor used in the Galaxy S III was identical to that used iPhone camera sensor 4S.

It is revealed iFixit who work with Chipworks after dissecting "innards" of the Galaxy S III.

Of "surgery" was revealed that the Galaxy S III using a sensor camera "Sony BSI", while from the surgery before they found the iPhone 4S wear sensor camera "Sony IMX145".

Despite carrying a different name, Chipworks sure both the camera sensor is identical.

Although closed to within about 7 months, the latest mobile phones made ​​by Samsung, Galaxy S III, still using the same components with mobile phone cameras are more "old" iPhone 4S.

For information, Apple released iPhone 4S in October 2011, while the new Galaxy S III was released in early May 2012.

With the use of components of the same camera, in truth both 4S and iPhone users Galaxy S III would not be able to claim the picture is better.

However, the images may be different, depending on the operating system of each vendor, the IOS and Android, process them into a better photo.

Opera Mini 7 Promises "Bandwidth" More Efficient

Opera updating Mini Opera browser which has now reached version 7, for phones Java-based, feature phones, and BlackBerry.

Opera Mini version 7 is claimed to be suitable for mobile users who want to cut corners in bandwidth usage.

To save bandwidth, while being open site Facebook or Twitter, this browser does not update in real-time to display the newsfeed / current timeline.

Users must click the "reload" the appears, to appear in the status or new chirp timeline. So, new bandwidth tersedot when needed only.

In addition, the excellent features of Opera Mini is a Smart Page 7. Smart Page is a shortcut to access your favorite web sites that have previously been opened, and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Opera Mini 7 also supports automatic upgrades and the ability to close the tab with one click on touch screen phones. Opera also promises a more stable performance in the Opera Mini 7.

Opera Mini 7 can be downloaded for free at: The browser can also be used for the Android-based devices and IOS.

Although overshadowed Opera in the PC segment, but the Opera Mini browser is still so superior in the realm of third-party phones. Because Opera Mini data compression capabilities that have well-known bandwidth-efficient, which means the pulse is also economical.

Apple Wins Nano Standard SIM Card

Apple finally won the 'battle' to fight for nanoscale design standard SIM card. This design is claimed will provide more space for other components in the design of future mobile phones.

Smart Card Platform Technical Committee on the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has approved the designs Apple, after being tested and compared with the proposed design of Nokia, Research In Motion (RIM) and Motorola Mobility.

Nano-sized SIM card will be 40 percent smaller than the micro SIM card that is 12.3 mm x 8.8 mm x 0.67 mm. "The design of the SIM card has the same function as the existing SIM card now," said ETSI.

However, as reported by Tech World Sunday (06.03.2012), ETSI does not provide more details about the process of voting on the award of the design of the SIM card.

Earlier, while still in the process of fighting for his design of the SIM card nano, Apple has announced it will eliminate self-confident design patent is for anyone, if the proposal is accepted as standard in the technology industry.

SIM card nano, has a smaller size of the micro-SIM card. Using this design, the device can be smaller and slimmer.

Nokia: Apple Nano SIM Card Tuppenny

The debate over the design of nano SIM card after already winning design proposed by Apple by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

However, Nokia, Research In Motion (RIM) and Motorola Mobility who also filed a SIM card designs nano, Apple's not like the design. Nokia especially the most violent response to Apple's victory.

Nokia, as quoted by Venture Beat, Sunday (06/03/2012), openly showed that they were not enthusiastic about the decision of ETSI.

"Nokia is confident that the design proposals selected nano SIM card, cheap and technically unsuitable for some applications," said a spokesman for Nokia.

Nokia wanted a standard SIM card nano has a push-push mechanism, which memungkingkan SIM card is inserted or removed simply by pushing (pushed in).

While Apple, wanted the so-called design-based tray or drawer that is using some sort of 'drawer' to put the SIM card nano. Just like Nokia, RIM and Motorola also objected to the use of this drawer.

Previously, Nokia had also revealed the design of the reasons he advanced nano SIM card is much better than Apple. One of them, the design of the Nokia has a very different dimension to the existing micro-SIM card now.

"While Apple has a SIM card length and width similar to the micro SIM. It would be risky if the user put into the device, it could damage the SIM card and the product itself," Nokia said at the time.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

LG Optimus L3, Android Luxury Design at Low Prices

Android smartphone more affordable prices. The vendors are starting to spend a lot of lower-priced Android phones, LG is no exception. South Korean manufacturer is presenting its latest low-cost Android handset, Optimus L3. Like what?

L3 design looks quite pretty. Maybe it felt looked more expensive than the actual price. The shape is a rectangle with the corners of the firm.

Body was made entirely of plastic. But not cheap impression. There are metal accents around the body. And the textured back for easy grip.

Various buttons and ports scattered around the body of L3. As the volume, on-off button, headset jack and microUSB port. But do not look the camera button.

With its small body, L3 operated quite comfortably with one hand. Overall, the body is quite stylish and cheap mobile phones are not impressive.

Pickup screen

L3 arguably mini mobile phone with 3.2 inch screen size. Low prices also affected the quality of the screen. With a resolution of 240x320 pixels, the image is quite rough.

So users can not expect much would a brilliant display as the phone is more expensive. Especially in the sun, the screen less noticeable.

Watch videos or access the website is also less convenient. But if it is used may not be a problem.

Gingerbread Android handset into the operating system. Customizable user interface with Optimus 2.0 Lite, there are five homescreen.

As usual, the user can install or remove the widgets that you want in all of the screen. Also provided some useful shortcuts in the notification area, such as Wi Fi and Bluetooth.

That is quite a problem is through a full qwerty keyboard typing may not go smoothly. For smaller screen sizes automatically makes letters small. So any potential users press when typing.

Good performance

Equipped with a 800 MHz processor, L3 decent performance. Displacement between the homescreen or accessing applications running smoothly enough, though certainly not as good as high end phone class.

Play games on this phone is also arguably going well. Popular game Angry Birds, for example, can be played smoothly.

Internet access is also faster with HSDPA 3G connectivity and it support Adobe Flash Player. Just because the screen is low resolution, do not expect to be too uncomfortable to read web pages.

Resolution of 3 megapixel cameras become a mainstay of L3 to take pictures. There is no flash so it is less potent in the target object in the dark. Nor does it seem physical buttons for a slingshot.


In appearance, this handset looks pretty fancy if you look only at the price range of USD 1.2 million. Indeed, users have to compromise with a lot of features tailored to the cheap price tag. However, overall performance was not bad enough qualified processors are supported.

- Screen is less clear
- Camera less than the maximum

- Design fine
- Performance is quite fast

DDoS attacks threaten Mobile Cloud

Trends in cloud services that will go into mobile devices can not be disputed anymore. However, high up behind the mobile cloud to be one machine revenue for the business, there is another threat which also haunted, the network security issues.

"Traffic Data in Indonesia increasingly higher as more and more internet users. However, there is danger. Indonesia is the number two position in the DDoS attack," said IT Manager Synergy Doddy Dewayanto Primaasset gift, through a written statement on Saturday (2/6 / 2012).

DDoS attacks or Distributed Denial of Service typically uses a lot of engine variants. Well, when a system is attacked we do not know which came under attack because of traffic is considered normal. Usually the attack is the network and wasting bandwidth.

According to Doddy, guarantee the absolute security of the world of cloud is necessary for business continuity. Security responsibilities include client side and server side.

Guarantee security on the client side is intended for the comfort and certainty in trading activities. While security on the server is intended to maintain continuity of client business and client data protection from adverse conditions, both physical and non-physical.

While in terms of protection for client business continuity, it is necessary for an integrated security system solutions providers for the management of network security cloud computing clouds.

"The system CQCloud the Medusa of our partners is the Next Generation SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) which is an integrated security platform for cloud providers," said Doddy.

"The platform supports network monitoring functions through the data stream, the function of DDoS detection and mitigation, management functions and security event analysis and reporting functions in one unified system," he explained further.

Doddy also claims, Medusa not only protects from DDoS attacks, but also provide convenience for the management and security event analysis of a wide range of appliances such as firewalls, IPS and IDS. Thus providing total visibility of network conditions.

"Solution of the Medusa CQCloud provide availability, stability, and reliability to partners and customers in the continuity of its business," he concluded.

Acer Launches Aspire Slim Series

Acer introduces three new laptop Aspire Slim series. Series notebooks have a notebook Acer claimed that 60 percent thinner than a standard notebook. Slim Aspire series was also reinforced by the Ivy Bridge technology, the third generation of Intel processors.

Thin notebook series for middle and lower segments of the Slim Aspire V5. The series was launched to reach out to students and student segments. This is called Acer Laptop 30 percent thinner than a standard notebook, which is 23 mm.

Although thin, this Acer notebook complete with built-in DVD, as well as full connectivity. 14 inch screen size, the lightly dijinjing with only 2.3 kg weight.

While the two laptops and upper middle class is Slim Slim Aspire Aspire M5 and S5.

Slim Aspire M5 to reach segments of creative professionals who need the best graphics performance.

Slim Aspire M5 has a screen 14/15 inch, with a thickness of 20 mm and weighs 1.95 kg. For this series, Acer strengthened with GT640M Nvidia graphics card, so it can run graphics applications and games big fish. This series is also equipped with a built-in DVD Super-Multi, making it easy for creative workers to write their works.

While the Slim Aspire reach segment S5 to the needs of working executives. Aspire Slim S5 called 60 percent thinner than a standard notebook, which is 11 mm. Acer to complete this series with MagicFlip slot technology, connectivity, designed a 'hidden', and the Thunderbolt port which has been used MacBook Air.

"The new trend now is a thin product. But of course must remain powerful," said Jason Lim, President Director of Acer Indonesia, while launching this product in Jakarta, June 1, 2012.

Actually, Acer launched a series of seven models of the Slim Family are ready to be launched. But only three products that were introduced during a press conference the launch of the Slim Family.

"It will be available seven models of the Slim Family are ready to meet the needs of each consumer segment of students, young professionals, to top level executives," said Rico Gunawan, Head of Acer PC Acer Group Indonesia.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sony Xperia S, First Premium Android from Sony

After the 'divorced' from Ericsson, Sony's new step in the mobile market with the brand Sony Mobile Communications initiated with the launch of its first premium smartphone, Sony Xperia S. Claimed as a premium smartphone, of course, Sony Xperia equip S with a number of capabilities and features. Following a review of the ability of the Sony Xperia S.

Design Xperia S

Starting from design, the surface of the phone comes with a touch of smooth without any physical buttons that adorn. Despite having a large and visible body stiff from the front, the back of the phone is curved just feels comfortable when held and not heavy.

Meanwhile, a fairly prominent one of these phones, the iconic design that circles the base phone, which is a transparent line with white backlight. This transparent line serves as a marker of buttons on the phone, that is to back, home and menu. But the third had a transparent design can not be pinched, but at the top is marked with three small white dots.

Sony seems so to minimize the presence of buttons on the Xperia S. There are only three small buttons on the phone, the volume and camera buttons are located on the right side of the phone, as well as the on / off at the top of the phone. While the USB port located on the left side and HDMI on the right side of the phone.

Unfortunately, plastics material which binds up the phone a price of approximately Rp5.499 million of this decrease on the phone a premium impression. As for the operating system, Sony complete with Android Gingerbread, but take it easy because this phone can be upgraded to the Ice Cream Sandwich in the second quarter of this year.

Equipped with Dual Core processor 1.5 GHz Qualcomm, this phone has to offer performance is quite satisfactory. Users can quickly access the menus and applications in mobile phones, without having to wait long.

Armed with an internal memory of 32 GB, Sony also offers NFC technology (Near Field Communication). Unfortunately, the user must cuup satisfied with only 32 GB of internal memory, because Sony does not give a microSD slot.

Xperia S has a battery that integrates with the body, so if you want to lose your mind, replace the battery menggonta easily. In addition, one thing to note, users should use the micro SIM on this phone.

Reality Display 4.3-inch screen

Carrying the HD screen (High Definition) 4.3-inch (1280x720 pixels) with the Mobile Bravia Engine, making phone has a sharp and clear. For example, view photos or video on this phone comes with a fairly sharp color.

Like most other Android phones, this phone also has a five homescreen. Mobile phones with touch screen can be quite responsive, so it becomes more fun when doing a sweep on the screen without any lag.

For the convenience of typing, when used as position of the phone stand (portraid) feel less comfortable because of the size of a small virtual keyboard. But to handle it, can try to type in the phone's position as a virtual keyboard landscape was going to be a little bigger, so it becomes more comfortable when used.

Camera Performance

Traffic aiming for an object, then the Sony proved to give special attention. In the Xperia S, the Japanese company behind the camera equip with 12 MP sensor Exmor technology and R. With a 12 MP sensor and auto focus, of course, the resulting images provide adequate image quality.

When tested Okezone, when photographing an object with a fairly bright light, the resulting image appear quite sharp, both in terms of color or contrast of objects. Meanwhile, when used with low-light shooting, noise in the shots are still visible.

While the camera back has a sensor that is large enough for up to 12 MP, is inversely proportional to the front camera is only 1.3 MP (720p). In addition, the phone can also record HD video (1080p) that supports 3GPP and MP4 format.

Ease of capture important moments with spontaneous greatly helped with the Quick Launch mode on this phone. Users just simply pressing the camera button on the right side of the phone, the camera will automatically shoot straight in about 2 seconds from standby.

OS: Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), can upgrade Ice Cream Sandwich
Processor: Dual Core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm
HD Screen: 4.3 inch (1280x720 pixels)
Camera and video: back 12 MP (LED), front 1.3 MP, video recorders HD (1080p)
Internal memory: 32 GB
Connectivity: USB 2.0 support, HDMI, Bluetooth, NFC
Battery: - talk time of up to 8 hours 30 minutes - up to 420 hours standby time.

Internet Explorer 10 Adoption Features Do Not Track

Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer (IE) browser 10 will be the first to adopt the features of Do Not Track (DNT) by default. DNT is currently used for the user's habits on the Internet can not be tracked.

"We decided on this step because it is sure to put the people as a priority. We believe that consumers should have more control in the tracking portion, sharing and use of information while online behavior (online)," said Microsoft Chief Privacy Officer, Brendon Lynch.

DNT is available as an option for controlling the tracking of user behavior on the internet. It is not quite got the attention of advertisers, but groups such as the Digital Advertising Alliance was uncomfortable with the announcement of Microsoft. So proclaimed The Verge, Saturday (02/06/2012).

The use of any features of DNT tends to be less common. According to Twitter, now available as an option DNT built-in in Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox 5, Safari 5.1 and Opera 12 up to the top. Meanwhile, Google Chrome is a browser extension to provide this feature.

Mozilla, on November ago had revealed that they have no intention to change the default feature perambannya DNT. They argue, tends to reduce the DNT feature select customers.

Galaxy S III, Premium Samsung Cell Phone Without Subsidy

Indonesia finally the arrival of the Galaxy S III, which went on sale early today. Sold at normal price of USD 6.999 million, this tablet smartphone is arguably the most premium phone in the Samsung family.

"We hope the Galaxy S III could be a market leader in smartphones our most premium class. Moreover, the gap with the Galaxy S II is long enough, a year," explained Head of Product Marketing Alven Desnecmen Samsung Indonesia, through the launch of Galaxy S III, in Central Park, Jakarta, Saturday (06/02/2012).

Long span of time with previous generations, said Alven, because the research and development Samsung wants to continue to deliver innovation required by the customer.

The result, some recent applications had been developed by Samsung, in particular in the Galaxy S III is. Call it of them, S-Voice, Smart pop up stay and play.

Meanwhile, when asked the sales target, as usual the Samsung answered diplomatically. "Sold only as much as possible. May," said Alven.

Along with its debut, Samsung also took the operator and two credit cards. Customers will get a discount $ 500 thousand when purchased with a credit card.

"While operators provide bonus data plan, each operator is different indeed. But clearly the operator does not provide subsidies. So the price of USD 6.999 million is the normal price," he said.

Flame and the threat of global cyber war

Flame discovery of computer viruses, which spread undetected for many years in the Middle East, showing the world has entered a new era of global espionage and sabotage.

Analysts said the cyber world, Flame is a malicious software (malware) that can be adapted and disseminated to a variety of vital infrastructure throughout the country in the world.

Iranian officials, the state alleged to be the main target of Flame attack, said the virus had attacked the Iranian oil industry, mid-April. The attack was sparked by Iranian technicians cut off all internet connections in the oil ministry office, platforms, oil drilling platforms and oil terminal on the island of Khark.

Khark Island oil terminal is the gateway for the export of about 80 percent of Iran's total oil production by 2.2 million barrels per day.

"The virus is through the various sectors, one sector of the oil industry. Fortunately we were able to detect and control one of these incidents, "said Gholam Reza Jalali, Iran's military commander antisabotase unit on Wednesday (30/5).

According to Jalali, the oil industry is the only institution which the Government of Iran seriously affected Flame attack, and now all the missing data has been restored.

The virus was first discovered and named "Flame" by Kaspersky Lab. The Russian computer security company that the virus hunt down the last few months at the request of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the UN agency that regulates information and communication technology in the world.

Marco Obiso, ITU cyber security coordinator, said the new virus is very complex and sophisticated. The size of the virus to 20 megabytes, or about 20-30 times larger than ordinary file virus.

The series of attacks

Flame has the ability to spy on and steal most of the activity of the infected computer data. Start recording keystrokes of keys on the keyboard (keystrokes), record the display screen is opened, to activate the computer's internal microphone (such as a laptop or webcam plugged in) to eavesdrop on computer users.

In addition, the virus is also able to activate the Bluetooth connection to connect to a computer and cell phone all around the computer to steal data, such as personal contact list.

Founder of Kaspersky Lab, Eugene Kaspersky, said Flame is still strongly suspected in a series with Stuxnet virus attack and the first Duqu found.

Two years ago, Iran's nuclear enrichment facility Stuxnet virus attack. Virus screwed centrifuge equipment control systems so that spin out of control and finally broke down. As a result of the attack, Iran's nuclear program was stopped a few times.

"Stuxnet and Duqu is a series of attacks, which raises concerns over global cyber war. Flame seems further malware phase of this attack, and easy to understand that cyber weapons as it can be easily used to attack any country, "said Kaspersky.

In contrast with conventional weapons that require dedicated resources to make it, a computer virus could in principle be used and modified by anyone with a computer programming skills.

"What is scary, the state no longer hold a monopoly on these capabilities," said Tom Kellerman, a former commissioner of the board of cyber security for U.S. President Barack Obama.