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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

OS BB 10 Answer BlackBerry Bad Myths

Research In Motion (RIM) to feel optimistic about the new platform, the BlackBerry 10 (BB 10). The Canadian company is sure to reap success. Because the RIM was determined to make this platform as the most open platform compared to other operating systems.

"For application developers, can develop this platform through the Cascades, HTLM5, Natibe SDK, AdobeAir, Java. All that can be used on BlackBerry 10," said Alec Saunders as Vice President of Developer Relations RIM, the exposure "10 Hours BlackBerry World Tour "at the JW Marriot Hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday, July 10, 2012.

According to Saunders, the flexibility of this platform's latest RIM BlackBerry platform to break the myth that hard to develop.

Saunders also confirmed the BlackBerry platform is also getting a loved one. He showed it to explain the growth of applications sent to the BlackBerry App World last year.

Last year, a growing number of vendors offering applications to the BlackBerry App World reaches 254 percent. The number of applications sent to the BlackBerry App World to 226 percent. Applications are sent to the BlackBerry Playbook also grew 240 percent.

"So, the myth of leaving the application developer has not been proven BlackBerry platform. In fact, the developers love the BlackBerry," he added.

RIM also confirmed the commitment to hold the developers to achieve success together.

Saunders said that his party has pledged U.S. $ 10,000 a year for the application developers. With the requirement, they must be managed through the certification process before the emergence of BlackBerry App World BlackBerry 10.

BlackBerry platform 10 will be present with the main characteristics of the flow (flow), connect (connected), extend (expand). Saunders stated the application could be flexible and easy to connect.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lumia 910, First Windows Mobile 8 Phone?

Nokia reportedly is preparing to launch a smartphone with operating system Windows Phone 8 (WP 8). The first handset they are using the latest OS from Microsoft is said to be the Lumia 910.

Windows Phone 8 recently introduced by Microsoft. Unfortunately, Windows Phone 7 phones are now marketed not be updated to WP 8.

A technology blog from the Netherlands published findings Lumia 910 models in the testing program for the Nokia application developer. Well, this reinforces the notion that Lumia 910 is the latest Nokia mobile phones with WP 8.

But there is also the opinion Lumia 910 mobile phone is just a variant of Windows Phone 7 Lumia 900 which is currently marketed. Nokia will provide some additional features in Lumia 910 as a refresher.

Besides Nokia, several manufacturers have committed to making a smartphone Windows Phone 8. Including Samsung, HTC and ZTE. Similarly, as reported by The Verge, Sunday (07/08/2012).

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lamborghini Releases Luxury Android Phone

Lamborghini, a luxury sports car manufacturer from Italy are now getting well into the smartphone market. They release a phone and tablet PC that uses the Android operating system.

Lamborghini handset TL700 has a 3.7 inch landscape display, Qualcomm processor, 5 megapixel camera, VGA front camera, and OS Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread. While the battery of 1400 mAh.

Although the specification appears normal, as well as the material is an exclusive design. Just look, material of manufacture of gold and crocodile leather. The designs show a typical aggressive supercar like the Lamborghini.

While the tablet Lamborghini L2800 also promised to use Android 2.3 can be upgraded to Android 4.0. Specifications such as resolution screen 9.7 inch 1.024x768 made ​​of sapphire crystal, Qualcomm processor, 512MB of Ramm and 5-megapixel camera.

As the mobile phone, tablet-style is also frightening Lamborghini design. Android phone is the price of USD 2750 or approximately USD 25.7 million. While the tablet priced $ 2286.

Lamborghini phone and tablet is expected to be sold the first time in Russia. Similarly, as reported by IntoMobile on Sunday (6/10/2012).

Saturday, June 9, 2012

HP TouchSmart 620 stretcher 3D capabilities and Beats Audio

A line of superior products showcased Hewlett-Packard (HP) on the sidelines of Indonesia Computer Festival (FKI) in 2012, one computer with a 3D display capability and Beats Audio style bass boom.

In addition to 'Printer Clouds' that allow remote printing, there are also PC HP TouchSmart 620 3D.

Corresponding 3D frill at the back, this tool is to facilitate users who wish to enjoy the experience of watching a movie with such technology. "It is the coolest PC, but there is also a 3D touch screen it. Why 3D? Because HP saw a lot of movies that are now taking tekologi 3D and 3D movie is more fun, more lively," said Jane Ritonga as Development Manager for Personal Systems Group HP Indonesia.

Presumably, PC all-in-one is suitable for users who want a bite of entertainment over these appliances. Not only be used for watching movies to 3D recording, 3D TouchSmart 620 is also equipped with Beats Audio, technology made famous rapper Dr. Dre is capable of producing the claimed equivalent sound studio.

Device that uses an Intel Core i5-2400 also have got a lot of interesting applications such as applications and application notes cookbook that can be used to make greeting cards by hand.

Ergonomic hand appliances also championed in this HP TouchSmart 620 where 3D can tilt to 60 degrees. To bring home PC, users seem to spend enough in because he is priced at Rp 15 million.

Exhibited also helped some of them are HP Notebook S-Series are stylish, HP Laser Jet Pro 200 color MFP and PC M275 HP Workstation powered by the latest processor and graphics technologies that could generate billions of colors.

FKI event itself will run until Sunday (5/10/2012) later. A variety of technology products and promo-promo draw to win lauched visitors coming in the area of ​​Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan, Jakarta.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Smart Glass, New Innovations Microsoft for Xbox 360

Before the veil that enveloped Smart Glass has finally been opened by Microsoft. This is not a gadget but a platform that can connect the Xbox 360 with a tablet PC, a smartphone to the television.

The format of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in 2012 which took place in Los Angeles, U.S., Microsoft is showing off Smart Glass for the first time.

Presented in the demo, it appears that Smart Glass Xbox 360 be able to make it more interactive with a variety of devices. For example, the film can deliver content quickly from tablet PC to a TV that is connected to the Xbox 360.

On another occasion, the tablet PC can also be used as a secondary controller while playing American football game Madden NFL. Looks so interactive and definitely makes me curious.

Although Smart Glass is a product made by Microsoft, but that does not mean these apps are available only for Windows 8. For the Washington Post reported, he also will be present for IOS and Android devices.

The phone can also be used as a tool of Xbox controllers. It is clear that Microsoft wanted to make the Xbox 360 into a full entertainment in the living room. Yes, the way to 'marry' smartphone, tablet, and TV.

Microsoft made ​​another breakthrough that is going to immediately bring the Internet Explorer browser to the Xbox. In the demo is done, Microsoft officials who were on stage too many times to use voice commands to navigate the Xbox 360 is used.

"With the Xbox 360 will make regular TV at home to Smart TV," he concluded.

Nintendo Wii U more superior from Xbox 360 and PlayStation

Nintendo Wii is expected to show back on the event U Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2012. Tebaru newspaper said, Nintendo will continue to use the name of the Wii game console U for this device.

Since it was first introduced in the 2011 E3 event last year, a lot of speculation stating 'Wii N' is the code name and will not really be used when the gadget is launched.

"After looking at Nintendo's marketing efforts so strongly, to use that name, it looks like Nintendo Wii will not change the name of U," the report quoted from Slash Gear, Tuesday (05/29/2012).

Nintendo recently launched a Facebook Fan Page for U Wii, which also simultaneously show the new logo for the console. Of course, Nintendo is not possible to do things like this if they plan to change its name in the coming weeks.

Ahead of his appearance, a growing number of rumors circulated about the Wii U. Previously reported tablet U Wii controller will experience some changes in design.

The annual E3 event to be held next month in Los Angeles, United States, could be fruitful for Nintendo sweet or otherwise - in terms of enticing users. As is known, Nintendo have a chance this year, but instead wasted and cause confusion among gamers.

This year, Nintendo is expected to 'play nice' and correct his mistakes. But of course, the company still had a great opportunity to shine given the competitors Microsoft and Sony has said it will not create a new console. This could be an opportunity for the Nintendo Wii to prove that U can be superior to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation.

Apple is Ready to sue Galaxy S III

Apple and Samsung relationship is often colored by the action required. Now, shortly after the birth of the Galaxy S III, Apple is ready to block the circulation of such products with a number of demands.

Yes, Apple does have a lot of patents are sometimes used to prosecute its competitors, such as Samsung and HTC, which had sued for violating a copyright.

Now, turn the Galaxy S III. The new phones launched last week in Indonesia is considered to mimic Apple has several technologies, including digital assistant named S Voice.

Another infringement by Apple is a matter of pressing the feature to pop up a few options in a number of applications, or commonly referred to as a data tapping.

For the record, these features are actually found in almost all Android phones. And Apple never used this excuse to sue HTC for some time.

As quoted from Android Community, Thursday (06/07/2012), this time Apple has filed a claim to legal institutions in California, United States. The goal is clear, to block the sale of Galaxy S III in the land of Uncle Sam.

Meanwhile, the Samsung also provide feedback when they are sure to confront the Apple lawsuit.
"Samsung believes it is inappropriate to demand Apple. We will fight the demand," Samsung said in a statement quoted by Reuters on Thursday (07/06/2012).

Samsung also ensure that the Apple lawsuit will not scuttle the sale of Galaxy S III in the United States that will still be conducted as planned, which is about the end of this June. In circulation in Uncle Sam's, Samsung took five local telecom operators.

"We also want to assure consumers that the launch and sales of Galaxy S III in the United States will be processed in accordance with the plan," said Samsung.

Samsung and Apple are very often involved in a bitter patent dispute. They fought in a number of countries with their respective lawsuits.