Wednesday, December 28, 2011

DorkBot.Bx and its characteristics

As has become a schedule, beginning of each year and the end of the year, the makers of malware is usually 'release newest product' form of malware variants that have new ways of infecting computers. It also occurs at the end of this year where a new malware being intensively spread this month.

This malware is detected as Trojan.Generic.KD.440xxx or W32.Dorkbot.Bx. If the previous ones spread BitCoinMiner trojans and trojan variant Kolab, this variant is the 'new incarnation' of BitCoinMiner trojan trojan that uses methods Kolab. This is a group of trojan / backdoor designed to steal information or data of computer users, especially matters related to personal financial data, which is associated with internet banking. Just like trojans BitCoinMiner, DorkBot.Bx variant also has the ability to record information / data relating to personal data such as usernames, passwords, credit cards, and others. Not only that, the computer that is infected with a trojan was used as a tool for solving participated blocks BitCoin cryptography using BitCoin account of the owner of the trojan.
That was a bit of information about DorkBot.Bx, now we need to know how the characteristics of the computer has been infected by this malware. Here are some characteristics of the infected computer DorkBot.Bx:

1. CPU 100%

DorkBot.Bx will make the CPU becomes sluggish. Shows the percentage of CPU usage 100%. This is because the activities of trojans that attempt to break the cryptographic block BitCoin and actively trying to make sending data.

2. Wasteful of bandwidth

Not only is making a slow computer where the CPU usage to 100%, another thing to note is the activity of Internet bandwidth. This is because the result of trojans DorkBot.Bx makes your bandwidth to be extravagant.

3. Hiding a folder on a USB drive or removable disk

Not different from its predecessor, BitCoinMiner trojan, trojan DorkBot.Bx was also doing the same thing is to hide the folders on the USB or removable disk and create a shortcut similar false name of the folder. It seems the trend shortcut also inspire trojan DorkBot.Bx

4. Connecting to Server BitCoin

Trojan DorkBot.Bx attempt to connect to Server BitCoin to perform cryptographic delivery BitCoin blocks malware authors use the account on BitCoin. This is advantageous because the manufacturer can quickly and easily perform cryptographic blocks BitCoin through the help of computers already infected.

5. Connect to IRC / Remote Server

Trojan DorkBot.Bx also attempt to connect to IRC / Remote Server for the delivery of computer users BitCoin information required by the malware authors.

6. Downloading files malware

In order to simplify the action, trojans DorkBot.Bx also to download some specific malware files from IRC / Remote Server in order to stay updated and are not easily recognizable by the antivirus. Files of different malware is what sometimes makes it difficult to detect the presence of antivirus trojan DorkBot.Bx.

7. Downloading files Certificate Authority (CA)

Basically, the Certificate Authority (CA) is used in online payment transactions such as banks, PayPal, and thousands of other sites that use the SSL protocol. By downloading the file CA, malware makers want to ensure that victims of infected computers already have updated so that CAs can transact safely BitCoin.

8. Transfer data have been obtained

The main objective of the trojan DorkBot.Bx is getting information from the user's computer that is infected.

9. Open various ports

DorkBot.Bx Trojan also opens various ports on the victim's computer to be able to easily connect to the IRC / Remote Server, and perform various actions with impunity.

10. Adopting Facebook Chat

This method is probably the most common users. DorkBot.Bx provide a URL link that has been converted into a short, so users will be easily fooled. If the link is opened, then the user will download a file using the file name and icon are quite 'sexy'.

Another characteristic is to modify the registry and create some files to infect computers. In order to directly active when the user connects the USB or removable drives, trojans DorkBot.Bx exploit security holes of Windows is Windows Icon handler that makes the shortcut from the trojan file will be active once to access the drive.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

New version of Opera Mini 6.5 and Opera Mobile 5.11

Opera, one of the giant web browser has unveiled their two newest products in the event titled "Up North Web" in 2011 in Holkenkollen, Oslo Norway, on October 11, 2011 yesterday. Two new products are the latest version of mobile browser, Opera Mini is Opera Mobile 6.5 and 11.5. Both of these browsers can be downloaded for free. Android for mobile users, can download via, whereas for the other platforms will be available soon in the next few days.
Actually what distinguishes these two versions of the previous version? One is the feature of data usage. With the data usage, users can track the amount of data usage when opening a site. Users can see how much data is saved by the server Opera from its original site page. As we all know, the business-saving saves the data is one of the advantages offered by opera mini and mobile. Maybe this is not important for you to browse at home, but this will be felt for users with a SIM card or for a travel abroad and do not have a choice of cheap roaming feature.
In addition to the features of data usage, this latest version also has some improvements compared with the previous version. Among them is the latest version of the Presto rendering engine, improved networking capabilities, support for HTML5 micro data and also the memory savings for the use of JavaScript. In addition, for the latest Opera Mobile already supports video inline on the Honeycomb. Especially for you Android users, the latest version of this would be spoiling you. The second version is more integrated with the operating system Android. Users can import "bookmarks" from the Android default browser and make a "shortcut" with only a single step.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Welcome to Dart, Goodbye JavaScript ...

Google finally released a new programming language, which is predicted as a replacement for JavaScript. The program is called the Dart. Announcement of the launch of a new programming language that is performed by Google software engineer, Lars Bak, in his blog on October 10, 2011 yesterday. The launch of this Dart will be very beneficial for web developers. Why? Because the Dart is the object-oriented programming language that is specifically designed by Google to facilitate the work of web developer role in building a web-based applications. As I mentioned above, the mission that brought Google to a new programming language is replaced by the javascript that Google considered to be less flexible for web programming.
Language structure owned by Dart does not vary much with javascript, therefore, believed to be the developers who are used to coding using javascript will not be familiar with Dart. Excess of the Dart is the language code can be compiled into the code of java language. Thus applications are built on the Dart can be run on almost any browser, without exception the car that supports javascript. How my friend? Keen to move to the Dart?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Be careful When Using the Smartphone

Statement may be true that nothing is perfect in this world. Everything must have its drawbacks. The latest technology or system was not free from shortcomings, the alias is not perfect. Similarly, the technology is arguably easier for us in many areas it is also not free from drawbacks. This also happens on your smartphone. Who does not know the smartphone? Who would not want it? No we know, technology has given us the convenience it can also cause diseases or disorders of the users. This is often caused people bowed their heads more often when using a mobile phone, computer screen or a tablet. Interference of pain around the neck or neck often called text. This is caused by stretching of the neck in a long time that causes arthritis permanent damage if not treated. When the condition is severe, the muscles will be flexed. As a result, when it will be aligned to the correct position will be a painful feeling. This can occur due to tissue and joints in the neck is not built to withstand a bent position over a period of time. This resulted in pain when the neck is too much to withstand the pressure. This could spread to other parts of the body, such as head, arms and shoulders and can also cause wrist pain.
If this occurs on an ongoing basis will cause the body to adjust to this situation gradually. This will cause more severe damage. Tim Hutchful of the British Chiropractic Association says children are more at risk of developing the disorder. This is because the weight of their head is larger than the body so that when the head bent forward so the muscle is more widely used.
But calm, bloggers do not need to fear. There are several ways you can do to avoid the above. The trick with a break every 10 minutes, sitting straight-forward by holding the tablet or telephone so that a higher level with the eye. And of course do not forget to exercise regularly and get into the habit of healthy living and do not ignore the pain arising from the disease can be prevented from the beginning.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Windows 8 eccentric display

Helo all bloggers, blogging is still diligent right? Well, never tired of blogging, let's blog, let's share information, and let's share tips, thanks also to share click, hehehehehe ...

For this post I'll share a little information I know to my friends all the bloggers. Yet so long (I think you know this ...) the world's leading companies, Microsoft, launched the latest OS is Windows 7. I am not sure until now everyone was wearing them. Even so, the giant company recently has introduced the newest OS products, namely Windows 8. OS is certainly newer than Windows 7. Wow wow, who wrote a long time have not had time to try, the new has come out. President of Windows Division of Microsoft, Steven Sinofsky, Windows 8 was introduced in BUILD conference in Anaheim, California, United States, Tuesday (13/09/2011). Sinofsky said the latest version of this software as a "reimagining Windows" because it look like were really new compared to previous Windows versions.
The question now is, what's new in this software? What makes him different from its predecessor? Buddy bloggers of all, there are many new things found in Windows 8 and not in previous Windows versions. Here's a list of 10 most recent that you need to know in Windows 8:

1. Metro
With Windows 8, the era of the explorer who compiled all the folders in the form of an end. Desktop does still exist, but redesigned with a simpler design and provide direct access to the user to various applications it has. The new desktop design that is named Metro contains updated information from the start date, agenda, email, post on social networking, as well as all existing applications. Metro design is actually not new. Microsoft has introduced in Windows Phone 7 for smartphones. However, for Wiondows on PCs and tablets, is the first time.

2. Internet Explorer 10
IE 10 will allow users to search both the data on the desktop and the web through Microsoft's search engine Bing. Users can also use virtual "thumb" and the soft keyboard to perform such search activity.
Aside from being a browser, IE 10 also will play a lot at the Metro UI. User can browse the internet with a lightweight version of IE 10. Metro IE 10, so that version is called, allows users to access frequently visited sites.
Metro IE10 also have the address bar and set commands at the bottom and tabs at the top. Metro 10 also supports private IE tab if the user wants to run the InPrivate feature on the browser. "Draw Mode" will help users to draw on the screen while "Enhance magnifier" helps the user to enlarge the screen only.

3. Modification of Task Manager and Control Panel

Windows 8 also has a Task Manager that have been developed, where the application will be independently list so the user can view statistics such as CPU usage, memory and application performance.
In addition, the Control Panel in Windows 8 also has been modified. Control Panel has an interface so seinsitif with a list of categories on the left and the choice of categories on the right. Users can personalize the screen lock.

4. Refresh and Reset
Refresh function allows the user to test and compare the set up of old and new systems with the help of a new feature called Windows Assessment Console. Users also can see the consequences of the set up software to hardware performance. Refresh can be done without affecting the file.
"Reset" allows the user to restore the PC to the corporate setting. Users can remove programs that are installed but still maintaining a user account and personal files.

5. ARM Processors
In addition to supporting the x86 architecture chips from Intel and AMD, Windows 8 could also work on devices with ARM-based processor. Nvidia Tegra processors for example, Snapragon from Qualcomm, and OMAP from Texas Instruments.

6. Super fast booting

Waktru booting Window 8 super fast, almost beat the time required by the monitor to light up.
7. Windows 8 Apps Store
This feature is arguably not surprising because since the boom of his Apple Store, many parties trying to create apps similar stores. The existence of these features will add Microsoft's weapon against Apple. Windows 8 Apps Store gives incentives for developers who create applications for Microsoft's Metro. Users will be able to use the Win32 and Metro Apps to do so.

8. NFC Technology Support
NFC technology in Windows 8 has been showcased in a BUILD conference yesterday. By using business cards that support NFC, the user can retrieve a web address on business cards by using the tablet via a simple step, directing the corner of the tablet on the card and took all his notification.

9. Hyper V Virtualization Technology
Hyper V mulyiple allows developers to maintain the test environment and provides a simple mechanism to move from that environment without additional hardware costs.

10. Security Systems Since the "Boot"
Windows 8 promising since turning on computer security.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Kick Avoiding Pitfalls in Chat Facebook Virus

Blogger Friends, since mid-August until recently many computer users are reportedly infected with the attack of a malicious program that operates on Facebook chat service. Horrified to hear it? Period of cool-asiknya fit again we chat even encroached on our computer virus!

A leading security company, Vaksincom, detect this virus as W32/Kolab.xx (Trojan.Click1.xxxx). According to Adi Saputra, Vaksincom analyst, has been noted that there are dozens of variants detected since August. Wow! One of them even can not be detected by almost all famous antivirus.

So much hebatnyakah virus even undetectable by anti virus? Horrified to hear that. But not to worry buddy Blogger. Here are some ways you can do to avoid the threat of the virus.
A. Do not ever do click on the link sent to you, be it via Facebook chat messages and status.

2. Tell your friends that your computer has been infected with the virus, and immediately update and scan your computer with an updated antivirus.

3. Do not make a copy of the notice with a link or links, because then you just spread the link that contains the virus. If you like this means the virus even became a distributor, not?

4. Never leave your Facebook switched on / login, you should log out first before you go until you return. For this, in addition to preventing the virus, also to avoid your facebook account is not abused anyone else.

5. Use Secure HTTP / HTTPS login at Facebook, this is so that your account is not accessible to other people around you.
Blogger pal, the little tips and hopefully useful for all my friend.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blocking Pornography tips on PC or Computer

The following tips can you use these sites to the presence of 'dangerous' can be muted or at least reduced.

Problem can still be accessible pornographic content on the Internet again raised by Menkominfo Tifatul Sembiring. Although a number of telecom operators, including internet service providers and ISPs have backed the government, but still-Esek Esek sites can still be opened.

What about those of you who are fed up and did not want to use another computer to access sites such vulgar? Here are some tips you can use.

Use PicBlock
The first way to do this is by using PicBlock. PicBlock charge of detecting skin color in the picture. However, since the software is not on the list of keywords, PicBlock not be used to replace the content filtering software.

Use a plugin for the browser
If you use Mozilla Firefox browser, you can use plugins like Foxfilter Procon Latte or your browser to have the ability to block certain sites.

Add the list of forbidden sites in Opera browser
For those of you who use Opera browser, you need not worry. If the Mozilla Firefox browser can wear Foxfilter, then the Opera browser you can add sites that are not accessible when users browse the internet using the browser. You do this by entering the address you want blocked sites via the menu Tools> Advanced> Blocked Content and then click Add ... write the site address.

Unfortunately, this browser does not provide protection for this setting is not bothered by unauthenticated users.

Change Settings in Internet Explorer
For those of you who surf the Internet using a browser made by Microsoft, the steps to close some sites may contain malicious content you see here.

Studying in the GetNetWise
This site is one of the right site if you want to learn how to block harmful content for children's eyes, for example. A variety of simple tips to tutorial video about securing a computer there.

Thus some of the ways that you can try to avoid the presence of the sites 'dangerous' that could damage the morale of the nation. Good luck ...!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Convenient way of traveling with Google latitude

You'll go back and forth? Want to choose which path? Watch out! Congestion is always stalking you. But now you need not worry. There are guidelines that can be used free of charge so as not to get stuck in traffic that would be very boring. It's easy, just use a smartphone or tablet PC you have.

One of the applications that you can use the Google latitude. This application is a mobile application which can provide information about the location where users are located. It also allows users to follow certain people and see the position in which it resides.

Especially for this time forth, through a Google account, users can add a single layer, namely traffic on the existing maps to determine the density of traffic that occurs there. So you already know which path is first and which ones are not bad.

One thing that is interesting, not like other map applications that are specific to a particular brand of smartphones, Google Latitude can be installed on any brand smartphones, including Apple, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and a series of course the phone with the Android operating system.

To get it, just type the address and download the latest version of Google latitude (Version 4.0.0) is not too large in size, about 1.5 MB. There are several versions of the language, so for those of you who may not speak English, you need not worry, the Indonesian version also you can use. Once the download is complete, install the application from where you saved the downloaded file before installation.

After installation is complete, run the application and add a layer traffic there. Paths are smooth, solid edging to a standstill there was clearly displayed. This application is very useful for those who will make going home and going back to your workplace after the Eid holiday. Not only that, the application of bias is also used for everyday purposes such as for travel. But one thing that may be very unfortunate, traffic information newly provided around Greater Jakarta.