Monday, October 10, 2011

Welcome to Dart, Goodbye JavaScript ...

Google finally released a new programming language, which is predicted as a replacement for JavaScript. The program is called the Dart. Announcement of the launch of a new programming language that is performed by Google software engineer, Lars Bak, in his blog on October 10, 2011 yesterday. The launch of this Dart will be very beneficial for web developers. Why? Because the Dart is the object-oriented programming language that is specifically designed by Google to facilitate the work of web developer role in building a web-based applications. As I mentioned above, the mission that brought Google to a new programming language is replaced by the javascript that Google considered to be less flexible for web programming.
Language structure owned by Dart does not vary much with javascript, therefore, believed to be the developers who are used to coding using javascript will not be familiar with Dart. Excess of the Dart is the language code can be compiled into the code of java language. Thus applications are built on the Dart can be run on almost any browser, without exception the car that supports javascript. How my friend? Keen to move to the Dart?

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