Thursday, May 31, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 slide on the market with prices rising at the rate of about 7 million Rupiah. No doubt, he burst into the premium class of tablet. Curious as to what capacity?


By design, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 has a stylish metallic body. He feels comfortable grip thanks to its light weight and size are not too large.

Yes, this device only has a thickness of 7.89 mm and weighing 340 grams in a 7.7-inch design. In addition to a sleek, one of which was that he was impressed by its design excellence lux, is directly proportional to the price of that cost.

Tracing the body, on the front, there is a front facing camera is 2 MP resolution. Then on the side there is a power button, volume control and a slot for microSD and Micro-SIM. There is also a proprietary 30-pin dock port, IR blaster, headphone and microphone jacks.

Was in the back of the body there is a resolution of 3 MP camera that is equipped with a LED flash.


Screen so users can enjoy crystal clear on this device. The clarity achieved by the Super AMOLED Plus screen has a resolution of 1280 x 800. No doubt when used to display photos or video, that look is a wealth of color and contrast of the feast for the eyes.


This premium Samsung equip devices with a number of applications such as Photo Editor, Social Hub, Pen memo, Samsung Apps store, Voice search, a video player to music player.


Tablet devices from Samsung is running on the Android operating system version 3.2 (Honeycomb) which has no display UXnya TouchWiz. With that view, access content from the home screen can be done easily, as well as when used for multi tasking.

Galaxy Tab 7.7 to equip themselves with dual-core processor 1.4 GHz and 1 GB of RAM where it is included in the category of superior tablet. These advantages make it one of the most responsive Android tablet. Proved when used through the menus, detikINET not have significant problems such as lag. Then when used to perform full HD 1080p video playback it runs pretty smoothly.


Galaxy Tab 7.7 camera equipped with a resolution of 2 MP to 3 MP camera for the front and rear cameras. Are not very high resolution helped with the LED flash when used in super-dark shooting. However, the existence of this flash when shooting low light does not seem advisable, except in destitute circumstances, because the light is too harsh.

Camera features the flyer that came in Tab 7.7 is now supported by many manual settings, although do not expect much to be able to produce images that shine from this tablet. But the fun, this device also has a Panorama mode which can be used to take a picture with wide viewing angle.

Also for its fashion scene, it has the mandatory modes are usually found in compact cameras. Exposure and white balance settings also pinned to maximize the image in any shooting conditions. Own video recording capabilities already support HD 1280x720.


The price rise is comparable to the performance of the Galaxy Tab 7.7. Coupled with its stylish looks, this tool is worthy of a friend to those who favor the performance and design.

Here are the full specifications of the tablet device:

- 7.7 inch Super AMOLED Plus display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels
- 1.4GHz dual-core processors
- Android 3.2 Honeycomb
- CDMA and LTE
- Internal memory 16GB
- Camera 3.2 MP + rear LED flash and video recording capability 1080p
- Front camera 2 MP
- Dimensions: 7.74 x 5.24 x 0.31 inch


- Slim and stylish design
- Battery lasting


- High cost
- The camera is less reliable

Finpay, Smart and Honest "cashier" to Online Transactions

Owner and consumer shopping sites now do not be afraid to make transactions online. This is all thanks to Finpay. Finpay service is a service aimed at business payments online or e-commerce.

Finpay, initiated by PT Finnet Indonesia, a subsidiary of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, can be called as a cashier for online transactions.

Through service Finpay (, merchant or merchant, whether corporate, retail, business beginner (startup) or even an individual can receive online transactions.

Finpay service is able to receive such payment by credit card, bank electronic transfer, internet banking, mobile banking, or by e-money.

President Director of PT Telkom Tbk Arief Yahya explains Finpay service will support the growth of e-commerce business in Indonesia. The hope, also will grow the soul businessman (entrepreneur) in the country.

"The public need for convenience and security of online transactions is increasing. Finpay present as a payment solution that connects buyers and sellers online," Arief said after the launch service tower Bidakara Finpay in Jakarta, Wednesday (05/30/2012).

Finpay service is also in line with the vision of the Bank Indonesia to reduce the use and the velocity of cash in the community. In addition, this service will also realize the culture of a society without cash (transaction cashless society).

Indonesia President Director of PT Finnet Walden R Finpay Bakara added services will transform the practice of online business is becoming increasingly safe, comfortable, easy and reliable.

"This kind of service Finpay checkout for sellers and buyers in online business," added Walden.

Later, Finpay can also be used for payment TransJakarta tickets, taxis, trains, tickets, parking, kiosk, ticket highway to the grocery store.

Later, Finpay can also be used for payment TransJakarta tickets, taxis, trains, tickets, parking, kiosk, ticket highway to the grocery store.

"We will target the low end market, this market need to be educated so they can accept this cashless culture. Potential is enormous," added Walden.

For charging Finpay card, will be performed on the merchants who work with the Finpay. Later also, Finpay card can be recharged at an ATM.

Until now only about 50 merchants to join and use the service "checkout" Finpay. Target until the end of this year there are hundreds of merchants who join.

Vice President Online Merchant Finnet Indonesia PT Division Head Hasibuan added Finpay Mey is a kind of liaison services between sellers and buyers in online business. Inside there Finpay service systems that make sellers and buyers in online business can trust.

"Finpay This will prevent a fictitious online sellers and buyers online is bad," said Mey.

Illustration Finpay card usage is currently no purchases at online stores, the buyer is required to pay or transfer a sum of money. This transfer will be made to the account Finpay, either credit card, bank transfer, internet banking, mobile banking or emoney.

When the buyer has to pay with one payment method with Finpay, then Finpay will send notification to the seller that payment has been made and the goods ready for shipment.

When goods are received by the buyer, the Finpay will immediately send notification to the seller that the purchase money will be transferred.

"We will charge a fee to buyers around Rp 2,500 per transaction. But we're also going to charge to the seller, the amount depending on the price of goods," he added.

Last year, PT Finnet Indonesia turnover of about USD 165 billion. This year, the target will increase to Rp 200 billion.

While earnings in the last year of about Rp 13 billion. Profit targets this year will be USD 22.75 billion.

High target will be contributed from the Telkom Group's service payment system (about 80 per cent) and the rest of the payment of electricity and other payments.