Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Be careful When Using the Smartphone

Statement may be true that nothing is perfect in this world. Everything must have its drawbacks. The latest technology or system was not free from shortcomings, the alias is not perfect. Similarly, the technology is arguably easier for us in many areas it is also not free from drawbacks. This also happens on your smartphone. Who does not know the smartphone? Who would not want it? No we know, technology has given us the convenience it can also cause diseases or disorders of the users. This is often caused people bowed their heads more often when using a mobile phone, computer screen or a tablet. Interference of pain around the neck or neck often called text. This is caused by stretching of the neck in a long time that causes arthritis permanent damage if not treated. When the condition is severe, the muscles will be flexed. As a result, when it will be aligned to the correct position will be a painful feeling. This can occur due to tissue and joints in the neck is not built to withstand a bent position over a period of time. This resulted in pain when the neck is too much to withstand the pressure. This could spread to other parts of the body, such as head, arms and shoulders and can also cause wrist pain.
If this occurs on an ongoing basis will cause the body to adjust to this situation gradually. This will cause more severe damage. Tim Hutchful of the British Chiropractic Association says children are more at risk of developing the disorder. This is because the weight of their head is larger than the body so that when the head bent forward so the muscle is more widely used.
But calm, bloggers do not need to fear. There are several ways you can do to avoid the above. The trick with a break every 10 minutes, sitting straight-forward by holding the tablet or telephone so that a higher level with the eye. And of course do not forget to exercise regularly and get into the habit of healthy living and do not ignore the pain arising from the disease can be prevented from the beginning.

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