Monday, June 4, 2012

Galaxy S III and iPhone 4S Use the Same Camera Sensor

Although always competitive, Apple and Samsung was "compact" using the same components for mobile products at their best.

Chipworks, a specialist firm patent analysis of semiconductors and electronic systems, find the 8 MP camera sensor used in the Galaxy S III was identical to that used iPhone camera sensor 4S.

It is revealed iFixit who work with Chipworks after dissecting "innards" of the Galaxy S III.

Of "surgery" was revealed that the Galaxy S III using a sensor camera "Sony BSI", while from the surgery before they found the iPhone 4S wear sensor camera "Sony IMX145".

Despite carrying a different name, Chipworks sure both the camera sensor is identical.

Although closed to within about 7 months, the latest mobile phones made ​​by Samsung, Galaxy S III, still using the same components with mobile phone cameras are more "old" iPhone 4S.

For information, Apple released iPhone 4S in October 2011, while the new Galaxy S III was released in early May 2012.

With the use of components of the same camera, in truth both 4S and iPhone users Galaxy S III would not be able to claim the picture is better.

However, the images may be different, depending on the operating system of each vendor, the IOS and Android, process them into a better photo.

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