Monday, June 4, 2012

Angry Birds more 'Expand Wings'

Angry Birds more 'expanded', explore the variety of products and build more parks to play Angry Birds park. Rovio, the company behind the success of Angry Birds is now also venturing into the world of Relevant Products / Services.

Brand 'birds go ballistic' was also established with the sponsorship of Formula 1, in cooperation with banks in Russia released the Angry Birds themed debit card, and next month there will be new Angry Birds Land, which opened in Tampere, Finland.

"All our products a success. Example Angry Birds which sells moon cakes in China during the autumn of last year's festival," said Ville Heijari as Vice President of Franchise Development at Rovio, quoted from the Sci-tech, Sunday (06/03/2012) .

Angry Birds is phenomenal. Since its release, more and more fans are crazy about the character of the birds in this game. Moreover, Rovio is also responsive to the enthusiasm of the fans of Angry Birds and continue to provide a refresher on the game.

Latest series of this game, Angry Birds recorded Space downloaded 50 million times in 35 days since the first release. Rovio itself now employs more than 350 multinational staff with two offices located in Finland, Shanghai and Stockholm.

Angry Cards: Debit Cards Angry Birds

Angry Birds made a variety of merchandise. Now, the developer behind the popular game is making a special debit card for the sport fans are angry birds.

With a credit card called Angry Cards, fans will be given a special discount when purchasing merchandise Angry Birds.

Promsvyazbank based in Moscow who would these new MasterCards issued in June next. The issuance of debit cards also have a special design of the pictorial characters that can be found at Angry Birds.

Reporting from HuffingtonPost, Wednesday (30/05/2012), the discount given to the fans is 10%. Angry Birds maker, Rovio itself Entertainment has released a variety of items such as picture of Angry Birds toys and baby clothes.

Debit card that was released in Russia it would be a financial product with the brand's first Angry Birds. Game itself is reaping success in the red bear country.

Reportedly, the downloading of games has reached more than 10 million times. Promsvyazbank plans to print 50 000 cards and will multiply it by the end of this year.

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