Saturday, June 2, 2012

Galaxy S III, Premium Samsung Cell Phone Without Subsidy

Indonesia finally the arrival of the Galaxy S III, which went on sale early today. Sold at normal price of USD 6.999 million, this tablet smartphone is arguably the most premium phone in the Samsung family.

"We hope the Galaxy S III could be a market leader in smartphones our most premium class. Moreover, the gap with the Galaxy S II is long enough, a year," explained Head of Product Marketing Alven Desnecmen Samsung Indonesia, through the launch of Galaxy S III, in Central Park, Jakarta, Saturday (06/02/2012).

Long span of time with previous generations, said Alven, because the research and development Samsung wants to continue to deliver innovation required by the customer.

The result, some recent applications had been developed by Samsung, in particular in the Galaxy S III is. Call it of them, S-Voice, Smart pop up stay and play.

Meanwhile, when asked the sales target, as usual the Samsung answered diplomatically. "Sold only as much as possible. May," said Alven.

Along with its debut, Samsung also took the operator and two credit cards. Customers will get a discount $ 500 thousand when purchased with a credit card.

"While operators provide bonus data plan, each operator is different indeed. But clearly the operator does not provide subsidies. So the price of USD 6.999 million is the normal price," he said.

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