Saturday, June 2, 2012

Internet Explorer 10 Adoption Features Do Not Track

Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer (IE) browser 10 will be the first to adopt the features of Do Not Track (DNT) by default. DNT is currently used for the user's habits on the Internet can not be tracked.

"We decided on this step because it is sure to put the people as a priority. We believe that consumers should have more control in the tracking portion, sharing and use of information while online behavior (online)," said Microsoft Chief Privacy Officer, Brendon Lynch.

DNT is available as an option for controlling the tracking of user behavior on the internet. It is not quite got the attention of advertisers, but groups such as the Digital Advertising Alliance was uncomfortable with the announcement of Microsoft. So proclaimed The Verge, Saturday (02/06/2012).

The use of any features of DNT tends to be less common. According to Twitter, now available as an option DNT built-in in Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox 5, Safari 5.1 and Opera 12 up to the top. Meanwhile, Google Chrome is a browser extension to provide this feature.

Mozilla, on November ago had revealed that they have no intention to change the default feature perambannya DNT. They argue, tends to reduce the DNT feature select customers.

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