Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blocking Pornography tips on PC or Computer

The following tips can you use these sites to the presence of 'dangerous' can be muted or at least reduced.

Problem can still be accessible pornographic content on the Internet again raised by Menkominfo Tifatul Sembiring. Although a number of telecom operators, including internet service providers and ISPs have backed the government, but still-Esek Esek sites can still be opened.

What about those of you who are fed up and did not want to use another computer to access sites such vulgar? Here are some tips you can use.

Use PicBlock
The first way to do this is by using PicBlock. PicBlock charge of detecting skin color in the picture. However, since the software is not on the list of keywords, PicBlock not be used to replace the content filtering software.

Use a plugin for the browser
If you use Mozilla Firefox browser, you can use plugins like Foxfilter Procon Latte or your browser to have the ability to block certain sites.

Add the list of forbidden sites in Opera browser
For those of you who use Opera browser, you need not worry. If the Mozilla Firefox browser can wear Foxfilter, then the Opera browser you can add sites that are not accessible when users browse the internet using the browser. You do this by entering the address you want blocked sites via the menu Tools> Advanced> Blocked Content and then click Add ... write the site address.

Unfortunately, this browser does not provide protection for this setting is not bothered by unauthenticated users.

Change Settings in Internet Explorer
For those of you who surf the Internet using a browser made by Microsoft, the steps to close some sites may contain malicious content you see here.

Studying in the GetNetWise
This site is one of the right site if you want to learn how to block harmful content for children's eyes, for example. A variety of simple tips to tutorial video about securing a computer there.

Thus some of the ways that you can try to avoid the presence of the sites 'dangerous' that could damage the morale of the nation. Good luck ...!

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