Friday, September 23, 2011

Kick Avoiding Pitfalls in Chat Facebook Virus

Blogger Friends, since mid-August until recently many computer users are reportedly infected with the attack of a malicious program that operates on Facebook chat service. Horrified to hear it? Period of cool-asiknya fit again we chat even encroached on our computer virus!

A leading security company, Vaksincom, detect this virus as W32/Kolab.xx (Trojan.Click1.xxxx). According to Adi Saputra, Vaksincom analyst, has been noted that there are dozens of variants detected since August. Wow! One of them even can not be detected by almost all famous antivirus.

So much hebatnyakah virus even undetectable by anti virus? Horrified to hear that. But not to worry buddy Blogger. Here are some ways you can do to avoid the threat of the virus.
A. Do not ever do click on the link sent to you, be it via Facebook chat messages and status.

2. Tell your friends that your computer has been infected with the virus, and immediately update and scan your computer with an updated antivirus.

3. Do not make a copy of the notice with a link or links, because then you just spread the link that contains the virus. If you like this means the virus even became a distributor, not?

4. Never leave your Facebook switched on / login, you should log out first before you go until you return. For this, in addition to preventing the virus, also to avoid your facebook account is not abused anyone else.

5. Use Secure HTTP / HTTPS login at Facebook, this is so that your account is not accessible to other people around you.
Blogger pal, the little tips and hopefully useful for all my friend.

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