Thursday, September 15, 2011

Convenient way of traveling with Google latitude

You'll go back and forth? Want to choose which path? Watch out! Congestion is always stalking you. But now you need not worry. There are guidelines that can be used free of charge so as not to get stuck in traffic that would be very boring. It's easy, just use a smartphone or tablet PC you have.

One of the applications that you can use the Google latitude. This application is a mobile application which can provide information about the location where users are located. It also allows users to follow certain people and see the position in which it resides.

Especially for this time forth, through a Google account, users can add a single layer, namely traffic on the existing maps to determine the density of traffic that occurs there. So you already know which path is first and which ones are not bad.

One thing that is interesting, not like other map applications that are specific to a particular brand of smartphones, Google Latitude can be installed on any brand smartphones, including Apple, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and a series of course the phone with the Android operating system.

To get it, just type the address and download the latest version of Google latitude (Version 4.0.0) is not too large in size, about 1.5 MB. There are several versions of the language, so for those of you who may not speak English, you need not worry, the Indonesian version also you can use. Once the download is complete, install the application from where you saved the downloaded file before installation.

After installation is complete, run the application and add a layer traffic there. Paths are smooth, solid edging to a standstill there was clearly displayed. This application is very useful for those who will make going home and going back to your workplace after the Eid holiday. Not only that, the application of bias is also used for everyday purposes such as for travel. But one thing that may be very unfortunate, traffic information newly provided around Greater Jakarta.

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